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Are you a bass player? Are you searching for a better, more precise tone? Look no further! FaitalPRO is the perfect upgrade for your cab!
More and more of the brands making your favorite bass amps are choosing FaitalPRO over their usual bass driver vendors because they know they can count on that perfect tone to last a life-time.
Quality, reliability and advanced technological content come standard with every product we make! Tight, Quick Response. Fat and Round Sound. You get it all with FaitalPRO Drivers for Bass.
For those power hungry kinds, we have the perfect solution for you too. Bigger coils reaching deeper excursions will handle all that higher power your amp can give while keeping it cool!

10FH52010" - 600 W - 97 dB - 8 Ohm

12FH52012" - 600 W - 98 dB - 8 Ohm

15FH52015" - 600 W - 98 dB - 8 Ohm