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Publication Date: 25 November 2011
SBS – SYSTEMSBYSHORTY, INTERVIEW: “THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!” 1) Please describe your business
Started in 2001 & is a hifi Pro audio company that only builds Custom hifi Analog sound systems for night clubs, I do not offer digital play back systems at all.
At SBS we primarily uses our own horn loaded speaker cabinets for the best sound from room to room, with hand made SBS Electronics processing. We do not offer over the counter sound systems.
In 2009 I started SBS Electronics, a hifi product line that offers high-end Processors designed with traditional HIFI circuits, solid state or vacuum tube. In 2011 SBS briought to the market hifi Amplification.
A full SBS Electronics amp line is now available to market, which I offer 4 Stereo Amplifiers, & 2 Mono Block Amplifiers in traditional Class AB designs, & Class AB topology with Class A Output stage. The SBS Electronics amps are designed with monster power supplies and storage capacity. Weight is not an issue as I am not a live pa company and do fixed installation audio designs. This allows SBS to design Proper amplifiers for our systems for a tailored sound that represents our Signature sound.
I have installations globally, Singapore. Shanghai China, Montreal Canada, Toronto Canada, Honolulu Hawaii, Athens Greece, Mexico, Manhattan New York, Long Isl City NY.
SBS has sound systems in many other territories global, SBS has never issued ads in magazines for my client base, it has all come from word of mouth and the reputation of SBS.
The SBS Brand has been nominated globally for best sound system in the world more then 5 yrs for multiple SBS sound systems. In 2011 - SBS was nominated once again for TOP system in NYC, by Time Out NY magazine at System nightclub in less then 3 months operating for business, which feature FaitalPRO loudspeakers.

2) One or two anecdotes on a particular installation using FaitalPRO components.
At System in Long Island City NY for the SBS Slammer ™ Hifi Analog sound system, I used FaitalPRO compression drivers, 15” midbass, and 18” subbass drivers for the first time and feel very pleased with the end result in SBS Slammer™ Custom cabinets.

3) Who are your target clients?
Recording studios, Home HIFI, Nightclubs, Theatre spaces

4) How is the business atmosphere in your territory, client base?
The atmosphere is a bit tight in NYC, the Target market for SBS is global, but I have 2 major rooms in NYC I just completed in 2011, one mentioned above at System Dance club a 8000 sq ft venue rated TOP sound system in NYC, and a new Theatre space venue in NYC recently fully restored that is from 1904 and is 24,000 sq ft that feats FaitalPRO components in Custom SBS Slammer™ cabinets.
SBS Has 4 Venues Total in NYC, 1 on a small scale, 2 rooms on a medium scale, 1 on a very large scale so far, but I have more on the horizon in NYC in the next 6 – 8 months that is a massive Theatre space of 32,000 sq ft, that will feat The SBS Grand Slammer™

5) What products are making a positive impact on your business?
For FaitalPRO, the entire line is making a positive impact because it does the right thing, and gives me options I rarely have these days from other speaker manufacturers. So the entire line is having a positive impact for SBS because it allows me many options to offer.
Other then FaitalPRO drivers, The SBS Electronics brand, this is making very a positive impact with our own SBS Electronics Hifi amps, and SBS Electronics HIFI Processing.
These key components allow SBS to create the Ultimate playback sound system to make my client base and fan base very satisfied, and make the djs talk up the SBS Brand on facebook and Twitter is amazing.

6) Why did you switch to FaitalPRO?
I switched to FaitalPRO, because it has the right sound, the frequency response is there and because of this I can really design great sound systems that are Musical with SBS. I have options with multiple drivers in any diameter available through Faital that I need, in any band needed, be it subbass, midbass, low mid, mid high, So Sky is the Limit. I would like to say super high freq device, but at the moment Faital does not offer a ring radiator or slot tweeter.

7) Will you continue to experiment with additional models and products from the company?
For sure, love the product

8) What products would you like to see in the future from FaitalPRO
Ring Radiator bullet and Slot tweeters, 2” exit Compresion Drivers, 15s and 18s with Ferrite Magnets, & for hifi Alnico

9) What is the overall impression and comments from your clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in your design enclosures?
SBS HIFI Sound systems are known global from talk of the people as the best in the world for nightclub sound, this product allows me to maintain my rep and enhance the SBS product, and keep the entire world talking about the SBS Slammer product!
At System in NYC for example, the comments from djs to club goers speaking on message boards, the facebook page for SBS Shorty and major and veteran djs tweeting on Twitter shows peoples comments on the SBS Slammer and shows the impression from people which is the most important.

10) Please share your comments on the “big picture” by changing over to work together today with FaitalPRO, be honest… good or bad.
Only good things to say, the Big picture is to continue to have major success with the product, the consistency stays the same and it does not get watered down to increase profit over product quality like most companies do..

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