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Publication Date: 28 October 2011
Pro-to-Car Audio and Pro Audio from Caracas, Venezuela Audio Tecnica Divasca and FaitalPRO
On the car audio market for over 25 years with exclusive Venezuelan distribution of several very prestigious brands in the USA.
Since becoming Italian FaitalPRO brand distributors for about a year, they have also approached the pro-audio world.

However, their true specialty is still their vocation towards the “Pro-to-car audio”, or use of professional enclosures and equipment in general for application in luxury vehicles with amplification systems of equally exclusive quality.
“In Latin America we are finding more room for pro-audio as well as pro-to-car, where we’ve already been specialized for many years” says Nicola Fulchini of Audio Tecnica Divasca.
“This field is really booming and the progress made here is unique in the world: It represents quite an important market slice and very significant quantities; in fact, thanks to the growth of pro-to-car audio, Audio Tecnica Divasca is going into the professional audio segment even more successfully.”
Audio Tecnica Divasca has a dual role: as an audio products distributor for the whole country and, along with a few direct sales points, also specializes in installations, which effectively function as an important advertising vehicle for FaitalPRO products. Fulchini confirms: “ We were practically the last to be introduced in the Pro-Audio market; but thanks to the retail distribution and our extensive competence in Pro-to-Car Audio we are covering a lot of ground in the professional audio field as well. This is because FaitalPRO products are of indisputable quality and although the economic situation is not very favorable, we are working quite well. Thanks to FaitalPRO products, we have received an immediate market response for the excellent acoustic and structural characteristics of these professional Italian loudspeakers.”
The FaitalPRO products chosen by Audio Tecnica Divasca were initially typical of car audio, from 6” to a maximum of 12” with very high usage peaks in the 8”. Although, since the opening of the retail outlets that also take care of installation, they are working quite well and practically moving the complete line on various market segments. This way the request has grown, extending to compression drivers and large sized subwoofers like the 18”. “Every time FaitalPRO launches a new product, we welcome it immediately and sell it really well”, confirms Fulchini.
A few examples of professional loudspeakers also popularly used in the pro-to-car audio are the 8” FaitalPRO 8PR200, and 10” 10FH500 models. Even the 2” drivers are excellent for this market, like the HF200.
In the professional area, the 18XL1600 super woofer is opening a lot of doors and winning over many clients for Audio Tecnica Divasca: a market which the Caracas company did not historically pursue.
Fulchini continues: “This sub-woofer often offers us the occasion to start working with new clients to whom we then have the opportunity to sell the rest of the line as well
For the Milan manufacturer, FaitalPRO – present on the market since 1958 - Audio Tecnica Divasca arrived through an Internet search and subsequent visit to international trade shows.
From the product testing stage, which confirmed the high quality results promised, sales then increased almost immediately.
Brasilian, American and Chinese products, with exclusive rights of distribution, are used for amplification, as well as other non-exclusive brands.
“In the past”-says Fulchini- “we tried other Italian components but we were not able to “create a business opportunity” for various reasons”: besides their excellence, a quality that puts FaitalPRO “at the top of our list” is their possibility of distributing products with directly from the US Logistic Center – Faital USA, Inc. -, with evident shipping and importing advantages. It is a very important point in favor, of support to our work, with a much faster goods flow that we have not been able to find with other Italian brands obliged to ship directly from Italy.”
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