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Publication Date: 26 July 2011
MIAC, trade fair in Canada, with FaitalPRO Italian professional loudspeaker manufacturer at Doyle Audio booth. Founded in 1972, The Music Industries Association of Canada (MIAC) is a national, not-for-profit trade association that represents retailers, manufacturers, and the distributors of music products.

The association also represents those providing technologies and services to the event, entertainment, and communication industries across Canada, and the Globe.

At this renowned trade fair, Canadian enclosure manufacturer Doyle Audio was personally involved in showing everybody his deep appreciation towards Italian professional loudspeakers FaitalPRO.

Actually he's been using such professional drivers in every enclosure of his and among the many models on show at his booth he “centered his show” on the newest 18XL1600, one of the latest jewels from FaitalPRO.

The idea conveyed here is that such products are so professional oriented to be overwhelming in quality and capable of withstanding every situation and extreme weather condition in the PA and SR worlds.

So besides introducing visitors to the wide range of enclosures Gerard Doyle himself, owner of Dolye Audio Engineering, poured two bags of tap water and two gold fish (!) in one 18XL1600 super woofer by FaitalPRO just to show the woofer cone ability to withstand damp and humidity even in the most harsh environments.

Mr Doyle is convinced FaitalPRO to be the best loudspeakers manufacturer in the world, after testing many speakers components from the most renowned companies in the world.

Keith Gronsbell, of FaitalPRO USA, helped him at his booth in demonstrating Italian products waterproofing capabilities, stressing FaitalPRO quality standards are derived from the automotive industry. He says: "Here loudspeakers need to face every weather condition in every place a car might go.
Every FaitalPRO loudspeaker is created to be shock resistant, salt, sand, ocean fog, corrosion resistant and 100% water proof, right out of the box".

Faital is a family owned company founded in 1958 with over 1000 employees and fully robotic manufacturing producing and delivering more than 22 million loudspeakers to the world audio market.

Filling a standard FaitalPRO loudspeaker just from the shelf, a woofer cone filled with water and two gold fish in front of the public, means suggesting the idea of a professional loudspeaker that right out of the box can be permanently mounted outdoors 24/7, even in a very damp area, just like swimming pools of university stadiums, or formula one tracks (like Abu Dhabi where almost 4000 FaitalPRO loudspeakers have been in use for four years).

And Mr Doyle again stressed the so different temperature conditions where such loudspeakers have to operate, in his territories like Canada, “from extreme cold to extreme hot and humid”.

On top of that, all products show an overall sensitivity and efficiency above and beyond the competitors' worldwide, with better tonality and great power.

Mr Doyle pointed out also his 30 years philosophy in designing PA systems declaring: “Our design philosophy is: make a smooth frequency response from the very beginning, and if it doesn't, don't put your name on it” Keith Gronsbell in his turn finally stressed the support Italian professional loudspeakers manufacturer FaitalPRO offers his clients, closing the demo declaring: “we are behind you guys, 100%”!
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