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Publication Date: 28 June 2011
Finnish sound brute with FaitalPRO “Designed to hit the crowd in the most violent way that is legal!” (Mika Isotalo)

What follows is a brief interview with Mika Isotalo Managing Director at Aura Audio Oy, appreciated Finnish enclosure manufacturers describing his business relations with Italian Milanese professional loudspeakers manufacturer FaitalPRO.

Can you please describe your business?
Aura Audio Oy is loudspeaker system manufacturer situated in southern west coast of Finland. Our customers are audio and light systems rental companies and installation companies. These two market segments are roughly equal in size. We focus on quality, not quantity.

What among FaitalPRO features do you think advisable?
FaitalPRO represents for us a fresh new professional driver manufacturer with high quality products and production. They have new ideas, mainly the use of neodymium magnet in a slightly different way compared to "older" manufacturers.

FaitalPRO catalogue is really complete with different series, so what loudspeakers models do you mainly use, and why?
We have found the 500-series very suitable for many of our products. Both weight and high power capability combined with right performance parameters are reasons behind the choice. Models used at the moment are 10FH500 and 12FH500. Also the new 18XL1600 and 3FE20 models are used.

Can you underline just one on your personal views which better describe FaitalPRO philosophy on approaching the market?
I think FaitalPRO is in right path, focusing on smaller model quantity catalogue yet different enough models to stand out.

How did your main customers react on your FaitalPRO products adoption?
We have had a lot of happy faces in rental companies since introduction of our XD12-subwoofer last year, featuring FaitalPRO 12FH500. Combination of high power ratings, sound quality and extremely lite weight makes it the first choice among roadies and touring bands.

In just one thought, replying without thinking too much... what feature does better describe their products?
FaitalPRO drivers have been very consistent in quality, no exceptions.

Any idea for future plans?
We are very happy with FaitalPRO drivers and we'll continue to use them in our future projects. Besides we tried most of the transducers available on the market. Our brutal Aura Audio XD18 subwoofer makes use of double FaitalPRO 18XL1600 woofers: it was just better than all the others.

Can you describe a bit more your “reference” sub?
The brutal Aura Audio XD18 subwoofer was designed to hit the crowd in the most violent way that is legal! This hightech subwoofer combines three different segments of loading; two horns to maximize the efficiency and a summing chamber working as an all-pass filter to make the most awesome "bandpass" tuning for the selected frequency band while minimizing distortion even at high power levels.

And your choice of the “core” 18XL1600?
FaitalPRO 18XL1600 shows no decent manner. It is just the right solution for this exceptional design. The top SPL is just a bonus. The target was colourful, wide and rich bass region with minimal distortion and power compression. With only 50kg and 300 litres size this combination of FaitalPRO 18XL1600 and what we feel is the most innovative enclosure design at the moment, XD18 will outperform any conventional double 18" boxes in SPL with much better sound quality and dynamic control.

Aura Audio Raastuvankatu 2B 51 20750 Turku +358415050111 Above is web-size picture of our XD18-subwoofer with FaitalPRO flagship driver 18XL1600 inside.
Higher resolution press image available on request at info @ auraaudio.fii
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