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Publication Date: 13 May 2011
In Stockolm with Swedish distributor... ... Supersonic Svenska 18 - 20 May, 2011 FaitalPRO, on the market for over 50 years, is the division dedicated to the creation of professional loudspeakers of the renowned, Milan based company, Faital S.p.A.

In these days FaitalPRO announces its presence at the “LLB Expo 2011, AUDIO VIDEO AND LIGHTING LLB EXPO 2011, thanks to their official distributor Supersonic Svenska.
The appointment is in Sweden, at the Stockholm Exhibition & Congress Center, from 18 to 20 May.
We’re at the eleventh edition of this trade show that constitutes the biggest occasion for Nordic countries in the audio, video and lighting market, as well as general technologies.
Here, at each edition the main Swedish and European suppliers of professional equipment and services in the field converge, in order to present concepts and the most innovative products.

Flavio Naggi, Overseas Sales Manager declares: “A perfect fair for FaitalPRO and our products, premium quality loudspeakers for many areas of professional audio.
We’ll be present on this occasion thanks to the participation of the Swedish distributor, "Supersonic Svenska", which will be displaying an excellent selection of our loudspeakers at their booth B01:41.

The FaitalPRO reference list on the front line is really extensive; among these various models representing all of the series: 6PR150, 8PR200, 10PR300, 15PR400, 10FH520, 15FX560, 10HP1020, 15HP1020, 18HP1040, 15XL1400, 18XL1600, 3FE20, 4FE30, 5FE120, 8FE200, HF100, HF102, HF104, HF144, STH100, LTH102, LTH142, WG101, WG141, 6HX150 to confirm an excellent introduction in the market.
The products will be present in a static display for the purpose and interesting information will also be supplied about an important project meant for creating audio systems dedicated to cinemas, where FaitalPRO products will have a central role.

The owners of Supersonic Svenska, very pleased with FaitalPRO products, had already actively participated at Frankfurt trade fair, too – at the FaitalPRO booth at ProLight+Sound- for combined marketing activities, to share their own positive experience with other distributors and clients, given their satisfaction with the FaitalPRO collaboration.

Johan Högfeldt, owner, also declares: “We are convinced fans of these Italian products, their quality pays for itself, in fact, we were able to perceive the excellence of the FaitalPRO loudspeakers right from the very start of the distribution, then we received confirmation on the field by our clients; the care for detail in these professional products is perfectly in line with the Supersonic Svenska company philosophy.”

Pauline Högfeldt co-owner confirms: “We are happy with this partnership that has lasted already over two years, because FaitalPRO are loudspeakers that correspond exactly to our quality level expectations, they are of the highest range and have optimum performance; furthermore, we have received very positive feedback on all of the projects developed by our clients.”

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