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Publication Date: 03 May 2011
FaitalPRO at ProLightSound 2011 Numerous novelties on a number of fronts, as promised. As announced in the previous months and at various international fairs as well, the important innovations in the FaitalPRO Professional loudspeaker lines were introduced at the ProLightSound 2011 (6-9 April 2011).

The event saw the release of three sub-woofers in the High Performance series, namely the 12HP1060, 15HP1060 and 18HP1060, two high frequency compression drivers, HF104 and HF100 and three revolutionary coaxial loudspeakers 6HX150, 8HX150 and 8HX200, on these last three we’ll go more in depth in a dedicated press release very soon.

The Subs
Under all aspects, subwoofers make up the majority of the High Performance line.
At the show we saw are the latest woofers 12HP1060, 15HP1060 and 18HP1060 with neodymium magnets.
Easy to fit in a subwoofer design, based on a motor with power not as extreme as the XL series but superior to the existing 1020 models and capable of a very quick response, they are well balanced in a classic setup, above all bass reflex.
New, completely redesigned 4” voice coils were implemented, higher winding compared to standards already seen in the same series, totally new magnet assemblies, slightly superior heat dissipation and lower power compression levels.
The 12” and 15” reach 1000W nominal, the 18” climbs up to 1200W nominal.

The compression drivers
Two high frequency drivers, the HF104 and HF100, are also to be seen at the ProLight+Sound 2011.
The HF104 model is a compression driver with a neodymium magnet assembly, 37 mm voice coil, annular diaphragm in ketone polymer, and radial type phase plug.
Having already generated interest at the January Namm Show 2011 in California, it is just now coming out in Europe. Distinguished for a very linear frequency response up to over 20 KHz, associated with its nominal power rating at 40 W.

The second new driver is branded HF100 and, although already on catalog, it is, in fact, radically new.
The completely redesigned magnet assembly has been enhanced and optimized; a larger ferrite ring produces greater flux in the air gap. Optimization of the phase plug, as well as the moving assembly, in particular the diaphragm, typical dome shape and always in ketone polymer.
It is suited for contained, two-way enclosures, it can be paired to a horn with a 1” throat. Its performance demonstrates greatly enhanced efficiency, low distortion; 30 W nominal power, 108 dB efficiency, frequency range from 1.500 to 18.000 Hz, minimum recommended crossover frequency is at 2 Khz.

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