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Publication Date: 30 August 2010
Choosing FaitalPRO is raising the level of performance Try and compare different systems which play next to each other and you'll see what I mean (David Lee, Bassmaxx).
We have been talking to David Lee, President of Bassmaxx in Austin, TX. Bassmaxx is one of the first OEM brands to begin implementing FaitalPRO audio components into his system designs since 2006.

As a USA based enclosure manufacturer it is interesting to learn of the increased efficiency and output of their existing designs simply by changing their loudspeakers to FaitalPRO made in Milan, Italy.

What follows is the first part of his long interview.
"I've been the first one in the USA to adopt FaitalPRO loudspeakers some years ago and so I could raise the level of performance and the overall output of my enclosures."

Flavio Naggi, Overseas Sales Manager of FaitalPRO comments: "That's a very positive thing because Bassmaxx was previously using products of all our main competitors. So, switching from the previous suppliers to FaitalPRO he got better performing products at a very competitive price and also increased the value-to-market of his products."

Bassmaxx is specialized in a particular segment of the industry since he is "devoted" to low frequency bass response; actually there is a huge market for such products not only for Sound Reinforcement enclosure manufacturers at night clubs, but also for discos, rock & roll clubs, techno music clubs, Caribbean and rap style music. All these music styles use a lot of bass in their sound and Bassmaxx systems are "the bass every system should have".

Bass Shootout - Ultra Music Festival
"Bass shoutout" is a sort of competition demo style in which every manufacturer is called to take part showing his most powerful low frequency product; it is held every couple of months in USA and Canada.

Apparently Bassmaxx is the winner of every edition. Since David made the upgrade to FaitalPRO products he has never lost any edition due to his will to be considered "the best low frequency in the market".

But his story with FaitalPRO starts even before. In David Lee’s words: "When I first came across FaitalPRO products at Namm some years ago, I immediately saw these Italians were doing something I might be interested in. For example I noticed a 10" that was my kind of guy to be used in a voice contest.

So we at Bassmaxx started using that product and adopted many other models in the following years."

We asked David Lee to to get more into detail of his experience in using FaitalPRO loudspeakers. This is his reply:

"One of the things I really like in my experience with FaitalPRO is the failure rate of such loudspeakers which is extremely low, almost non existent for the stuff we've been using.

We always test everything out on the field in a pretty extreme fashion and really abuse of our systems on stage, pushing everything to the limit.

For example, one of the latest products which hit the market, the FaitalPRO subwoofer 18XL1500 is particularly satisfying to us.

One of the first occasions out in the real world was the "Ultra Music Festival" in Miami, which is an extremely demanding environment, we took there our products filled with FaitalPRO loudspeakers.

At this show every system runs at full volume for 12 hours straight with no break; it is not like a rock concert which lasts a couple of hours and has breaks between the songs; here the voice coils and the whole loudspeakers are hugely stressed continuously, for 12 exhausting hours, an incredible test bench.

In the first years of our presence at this show when we did not know yet FaitalPRO, so we lost some drivers and in some case in pretty high quantities. But since adopting the 18XL1500 we have had two complete successes per year so far, and with no failure at all!

Please note at the show we had around five dozens of drivers working, 30/32 boxes filled precisely with 64 drivers in them. And absolutely no failure at all."
That is one of the reasons why we at Bassmaxx claim to be "the best low frequency in the Pro Sound market".
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