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Publication Date: 08 September 2010
We never sounded that good live before This is the second part of a long interview to David Lee, President of Bassmaxx in Austin, TX. Bassmaxx is one of the first OEM brands to begin implementing FaitalPRO audio components into his system designs since 2006.

As previously said, as a USA based enclosure manufacturer it is interesting to learn of the increased efficiency and output of their existing designs simply by changing their loudspeakers to FaitalPRO made in Milan, Italy.

David Lee in the firs part of this interview mentioned "the failure rate of FaitalPRO loudspeakers so extremely low, almost non existent, despite the huge quantity of products used in the last years and the long and enduring market tests out on the field in a pretty extreme fashion, and the continuous abuse of the systems on stage, pushing everything to the limit."

He also mentioned his recent adoption of one of the latest products which hit the market, the FaitalPRO subwoofer 18XL1500 which he tagged as "particularly satisfying to us".

This and many other loudspeaker models were often used at the "Ultra Music Festival" in Miami, an extremely harsh environment. At this show every system runs at full volume for 12 hours straight with no break: no interruptions nor pauses, so the voice coils and the whole loudspeakers are hugely stressed continuously, for 12 exhausting hours: an incredible test bench.

The place is also famous for being the right spot to compare a great number of product in one place at one time; actually different systems play next to each other stressing their performances in a unique way, and only the winner -as Bassmaxx- may boast to be the "best low frequency on the market".

Bass ShootOut
"Another event which is worth mention", says David Lee, "is the "ShootOut": a side by side product demo comparison where one or several customers want to hear a direct comparison of what they already have versus what we bring at the show.

In a given area, in the US or Canada, the contest develops at least among two or three manufacturers' products, within a particular place. The larger manufacturers are usually represented by their dealers and it is an audio contest that pro audio magazines do not dare organize, but manufacturers do.

It is usually held in the open air, though it recently happened in NYC in the presence of the police! Actually in that event people from the sixth floor of the building across the street came down to complain for our bass was too loud!"

The most recent Shoot Out was in Pensacola and one of the other manufacturers was also using some FaitalPRO products so it was a harder than usual test for Bassmaxx showing the 18XL1500 loudspeakers in their double 18" box.; all models are available for viewing here

In this event only bass cabinets are called in to contest, but at Bassmaxx they generally use many of the lines of FaitalPRO pro drivers, like the 12" mid ranges, the Ketone Polymer compression drivers - e.g. the new HF10AK and HF10RK - and also the 1.4 voice coil drivers like the HF144.

In general, for the Shoot Out event the new customer, a production or a service company, or groups of regional touring company, evaluate the performance and render a decision which leads to good sales.

David Lee and and his company Bassmaxx was selected and final results converted into sales.

In his words: "Yes I've made sales as a result of those comparisons several times, yesterday as today. There were occasions where we were chosen for the higher sound pressure level and others for the superior tone quality; and in both cases the lion's share was due to FaitalPRO drivers."

We also tried to "steal" some more details in the vision of Bassmaxx manufacturing choices.

"For a standpoint" -says David Lee- "of the development of a product we need to create the best product possible, no compromise. When we have to select a driver I see a lot of brands which tend to compromise quality for price point. When push comes to shove and you want to be a clear winner for such an event you can't simply compromise. We must use the best drivers we can find on the market and right now that is FaitalPRO.

Among the best things we have found so far with FaitalPRO is the extreme consistency and reliability of these professional loudspeakers; far superior to any other products we have been using. I can assure I've used pretty much all of the Italian manufacturers, plus some from USA and Canada, and have had the chance of testing the consistency and reliability of them all.

The results speak for themselves: FaitalPRO is the best, absolutely rock solid, personally tested since 2006.

Some of the products we at Bassmaxx need, have not been yet produced by FaitalPRO but they're used to listening to the market needs so I'm sure they will come out soon with new models.

Using these loudspeakers I can always rely on a better value for money and a better tonality, and a more musical final result: all things also Bassmaxx is known for, the durability out in the field.

This is the number one factor that stands out in the FaitalPRO products: when I mount one of their loudspeakers I won't see it again and Bassmaxx has been selling at least one thousand units over the last four years. I deal with failures of other things quite regularly and I rarely see anything of FaitalPRO that comes back."

One final note.
Last year when Bassmaxx occupied the main stage in March at the Miami Ultra Music Festival, the organizers asked David Lee to come back again because every sound engineer made a comment saying they never sounded that good live before. Actually the worst comment they got was: "there is even too much bass!"
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