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Publication Date: 04 January 2011
FaitalPRO at NAMM 2011 The NAMM 2011 edition finds FaitalPRO at the same booth as last year, with a section dedicated to the all important sound room and clients implementing FaitalPRO Loudspeakers in their enclosures.
The most significant novelty is that the exhibition includes, as always, a static part with FaitalPRO products in the display stands for the purpose, but there will also be areas dedicated to four FaitalPRO clients in order to be able to listen to the professional “Made in Milan” loudspeakers in “real world” contexts. The enclosure manufacturers involved are: Bassmaxx, Bill Jenkins Sound, Elektron Acoustics, and OAP.

Bassmaxx of Austin, Texas is one of the first OEM manufacturers to have relied on FaitalPRO products for its own systems, since 2006.

Bill Jenkins Sound, already officially present at the stand even in the last two Namm editions (2009 & 2010), presents its products for the MI market and a few new entries targeted to the recording studio market, above all dedicated to the kind of sound that requires high power and bass, such as rap, or hip hop.

The recently founded Californian, Elektron Acoustics, which proposes itself for local distribution of FaitalPRO products and sells “do it yourself” cabinet kits based exclusively on FaitalPRO speakers.

OAP is a North American manufacturer (from Buford, Georgia) of acoustic enclosures, specialized in “multi purpose” productions, subwoofer monitors and much more, which incorporates FaitalPRO loudspeakers in its systems.

FaitalPRO novelties at Namm 2011.
FaitalPRO adds onto its Fe Series with the 6FE200, 8FE200 and 10FE200 loudspeakers to complete the “FE” family, which makes use of ferrite magnets and pressed steel baskets –as the Fe (Iron) label clearly implies.

These are medium-low power loudspeakers with absolutely respectable performance, but are above all dedicated to a “budget conscious” market which demands a slightly “more competitive” price; with nominal power ranging between 130 and 150 W, 37mm (1.45 in.) voice coils and efficiency between 95 and 96 dB.

Always of this range, the new 4FE30 model is born from the evolution of the already very successful 3FE20 but larger in size, 100mm (4”), while maintaining the same electromagnetic structure and voice coil diameter, but varying the cone, now in fiberglass, and obviously the basket.

The new 4FE30 was born to wed those applications which require slightly greater power, with greater coverage with respect to the existing 3FE20 in the medium low frequency ranges and a slightly inferior frequency extension, achieved thanks to the greater size of the cone.

Yet another new entry, the HF 104, is introduced as the new high-frequency driver by FaitalPRO with 37mm voice coil, 1” mouth, and annular ketone-polymer diaphragm.

Its peculiarity is an annular diaphragm that guarantees a linear wave from its origin; consequently guaranteeing greater control and the possibility of manipulating it better with the application of horns and other wave guides.

FaitalPRO also presents an improved HF100 at The Namm Show - an “upgraded” version thanks to a greater magnet assembly, better response curve linearity and superior frequency extension.

The quite recent 15XL1400 and 18XL1600 super-woofers are also shown off in grand style, where an improvement in the mechanic structure of the magnetic field has brought great advantages in thermal and noise control.

The first one –already announced- just now officially enters into production and is ready for sale and distribution: it implements the new magnet assembly studied for the 18XL1600.

The 18XL1600 shows impressive improvements in its own right, above all in the innovative cooling system with Air Blades technology, control of the “power compression” level, noise, cone excursion and DC offset.

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