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Publication Date: 11 January 2011
Newly minted for the NAMM 2011 Naturally they are not done with the new releases yet but we’ll have to wait until this year’s Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt to see the rest… FaitalPRO is a company dedicated to the Pro Audio market, a part of the over fifty-year-old Milan based multi-purpose loudspeaker manufacturing company, Faital S.p.A.

With an experienced research and development department and in-house testing to be envied by any other global industrial plant in the same product category, after just a few years since the introduction of the FaitalPRO brand, the company that has locations, branches and distributors all over the world, today proposes a complete product catalog under continuous improvement and expansion. It is not by chance that FaitalPRO is presenting several new products and some re-stylings at The NAMM Show 2011, in Anaheim, California. Here’s a summary of the novelties:

HF 104
A new compression driver able to withstand 40 W nominal power, with a 37mm voice coil, completes the range of high frequency drivers with a 1" mouth. The ketone polymer diaphragm was selected for its great strength and ability to withstand high temperatures.
Demonstrating very soft and extended tone features, it guarantees a much better frequency extension in comparison to other compression drivers with titanium domes.
Even in this product, FaitalPRO made several important choices such as the implementation of neodymium magnets and an optimized phase plug. The HF104 driver boasts a sensitivity of 108 dB and the minimum recommended crossover frequency is at 1700 Hz.

Completely new, the 4FE30 is a loudspeaker assigned to the full-range category, born - like all other loudspeakers belonging to the Fe Series– for the evident intention of reproducing the greatest part of the audio range possible. Measurements have demonstrated that the new 4FE30 very easily reproduces the range between 110 Hz and 20.000 Hz and is recognizable for a rather “flat”, linear response without “gaps”, with a nominal power of 30 W.
Its ideal application could be line array applications with drivers mounted in multiples of two, or in column enclosures and, considering its superior overall quality, even in Hi-Fi and home theater applications.
A few traits derive from the illustrious predecessor, the full range already on catalog 3FE20, from which it borrows the same motor. However, the new 4FE30 flaunts bigger size and packs greater power, while the remaining loudspeakers of this FE series, of 5”, 6”, 8” and 10” are all characterized by ferrite magnets.

6FE200, 8FE200 e 10FE200
The launch of other three new models, overall “traditional” mid woofers, adopt the same ferrite magnet assembly, chosen because it greatly facilitates thermal dissipation.
The three 6FE200, 8FE200 and 10FE200 are suited for a variety of uses in acoustic enclosures, with a special regard towards amplification for guitar and even in the PRO audio sector.
They have the same 37mm voice coil in common, but -obviously- differ in efficiency and supported power: the 6FE200, of 160 mm diameter, supports 130 W nominal, the 8FE200, of 200 mm, sustains 130W nominal, while the 10FE200, of 250 mm, withstands up to 150 W.

18 Inches of a greatly powerful new subwoofer, with a revolutionary ventilation system, able to completely resolve a few challenges typically encountered when using front loaded systems in reflex cabinets and when there are rather large joint tubes ports.
The results can be heard in terms of increased nominal power, that now reaches 1600W, with greatly improved “power compression”.
Practically, the new 18XL1600 is a “plug & play” sub-woofer to be implemented where the 18XL1500, already on catalog, is implemented - seeing that it replicates all of the optimum technical characteristics that elevated the 18XL1500 to the “best selling” range.
Among these: high and linear cone excursion, optimum linearity as proven by Klippel measurements - features that were further enhanced on the 18XL1600. We’ll publish more detailed information on this important new product, soon after its presentation at The NAMM Show 2011.

This redesigned high frequency driver, the HF100, employs a Ketone Polymer dome diaphragm and a 25mm voice coil. The ferrite magnet assembly was optimized to produce an extended range from 1.500 to 18.000 Hz and achieve an average efficiency of 108 dB (1W@1m).

Therefore, it is a very efficient High frequency compression driver. Created for use in medium - low power systems, we suggest pairing it with a small size woofer, able to extend response even towards the mid-high frequencies, such as a 6-8-10”.
The new HF100 has a 1” mouth, thus to be paired with an equivalent horn having a 1” throat (i.e. mod.STH100 LTH102 WG101).

Introduced as a “painless replacement” for the previous HF100, it outclasses it in style and functional excellence, in other words: sound performance, increased bandwidth efficiency and reduced distortion.

Its response has been extended, it gained in greater response curve linearity, while the magnetic motor was strengthened.
In fact, the new HF100 mounts a new, larger magnet assembly, always employing ferrite; the phase plug was entirely redesigned contributing to the acoustic improvement of this product.

New studies on the dome diaphragm brought FaitalPRO’s R&D to selecting an even thinner but more rigid Ketone Polymer. The only constant with respect to the previous model is in the power handling, remaining at the same values (30W).
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