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Publication Date: 16 December 2010
US Speakers and their customers comment on FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers If you get to the main page of my website you immediately realize FaitalPRO is not just one of the many manufacturers' brand name I'm dealing with: actually my favorite Italian loudspeaker manufacturer is placed dead center, at 12 o' clock!”

So reports Al Kawaty, the owner of US Speakers, not just a wholesaler specialized in professional speaker parts and components, but a real enthusiast of his work and good sound in general.
From his headquarters in Freehold , New Jersey, Al is a real consultant for his customers through a wide selection of speakers used as an upgrade or replacement in a variety of applications including: bass and guitar cabinets, sound reinforcement, DJ's, etc.
He points out: “Yes I'm selling just a few products per day, but almost every day! No big figures, but in steady growth and I really need the most reliable, top quality ever.”

US Speakers has been dealing with practically every professional speakers manufacturer on earth and since he tried FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers he has changed his mind.
Actually the thing is that he is literally converting manufacturers and customers to using FaitalPRO products and everybody using these products for the first time is coming back with an extremely positive response. Al Kawaty himself confirms: “If you don't believe my words or think I am exaggerating a little, you'll believe my customers comments, which follow; here are two responses from very satisfied FaitalPRO customers below.”

Paul C. Tidwell, LoPHAT Cabinets
Paul C. Tidwell, Owner of LoPHAT Cabinets, LLC, says: “We utilize FaitalPRO drivers in our bass cabinets for the high quality construction, light weight neodymium magnets, exceptional power handling with some high XMAX performance, resulting in a high quality bass cabinet for today’s musician in a lightweight package delivering that old school tone. FaitalPRO has been able to deliver a driver for any application we need here at LoPHAT Bass Cabinets. Thanks FaitalPRO for delivering quality components that will rival all others in the loudspeaker industry.”

Alan Sledzieski
“I am producing double 18” vented cabinets. I was recommended the FaitalPRO 18XL1500, as I wished for very low frequency response. I built a simple 11.25 cu. ft. cabinet with the Eminence speaker design software. I have built four of these, running a Crest pro 8200 bridged per cabinet. The sound is incredible, I have never heard a double 18” sound so good, it takes the 4500 Watts with ease. The 18XL1500 is simply the best 18” I have ever heard. 99 db sensitivity, 12.9 mm x-max, 1500 watt AES, 3000 watt program. FaitalPRO's quality and sound, along with US Speakers outstanding help and service are second to none.”

Al Kawathy
“Something else which is really appreciated is that when we have an issue, those at FaitalPRO do not simply blow it off, they actually make real efforts and apply changes to improve things on a time sensitive basis; they are very proactive. Actually, the Milan loudspeakers manufacturer is used to dealing even with industrial needs, which often are very complex situations and respond with any quality claim. They come back with stunning improvements. These loudspeakers are made by a team of well-trained staff with the consistent promotion of quality awareness.”

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