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Publication Date: 10 June 2010
3FE20 - Full Range FE series Studied without cutting on time or energy by FaitalPRO R&D, near Milan, the new 3FE20 is born with the precise intention of outclassing the performance of its peers in the same category.

A Full Range, three inch, 80 mm, loudspeaker with a basket in pressed steel, an outer ring neodymium magnet assembly boasting superior magnetic performance, a total weight slightly over two hundred grams and optimum features, such as very ample frequency extension and an elevated dynamic behaviour.

Keeping in mind the exceptionally reduced size of only 80 mm and considering the particularly contained emission surface that the 3” products typically have, FaitalPRO began working from an already existing acoustic sample among the many reference products designed over the year, in order to win the gamble (or game) of increasing efficiency.

Therefore, after several design changes, thorough testing and numerous prototypes, the final product was achieved, where efficiency increases to a notable degree, 91 dB.

From the beginning of the project, the 3FE20 voice coil and magnet assembly were completely revised, up to the final version just recently introduced in the catalogue, which ensures a nominal impedance of 8 ohm.

We are looking at a full range under all aspects, given that the frequency response starts from 100 Hz and pushes up to 20 KHz, which must work within its own dedicated closed cabinet.

Provided with a very compact magnet assembly and a 19mm voice coil that operates in tight vicinity of the neodymium ring.
This is a particular design solution that allowed reaching a natural demodulation of inductance precisely because the close proximity of the zinc coated neodymium ring produces the effect desired - the reduction of Eddy currents.

The results of these –and other- design choices can truly be heard during a listening test, noticing that the new 3FE20 allows for a really natural vocal reproduction.

The nominal power is 20 W continuous while the maximum peak supported is 40W; the rubber surround ensures waterproofing against atmospheric conditions and durability.

Officially released just after the recent California Namm Show, it immediately encountered great success.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager confirms: “Perhaps because of its purpose, which covers an expanding market sector such as rotable columns, or “slim” applications for small size arrays.
Or maybe because it is also a solution in the Pro2Car area, customized professional components for installation in prestigious acoustic systems within certain cars.
Or possibly because it permits saving on the number of components, considering that in fact, many installations allow avoiding the use of a tweeter: by itself it extends up to 20.000 Hz.
Or even because at the California stand it had been temporarily set in a box created in two minutes with packing cardboard and adhesive tape: anyone passing stopped, bewitched, to admire and listen to it !”

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