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Publication Date: 11 May 2010
HF144 and HF204 new compression drivers High frequency “Made in FaitalPRO”
While “rumors” are going around the FaitlPRO halls about a high frequency driver, tiny, almost ready, in 37mm, the company announces the official availability of the new HF144 and HF204 from the start of 2010.

A high-frequency compression driver with a 65mm voice coil, 2,5”, 1,4” mouth, and a Ketone Polymer dome diaphragm.
It boasts several design and construction features.
Its first special feature is that it is provided with an annular phase plug different from the usual kind, assembled according to innovative technical solutions, whose main advantage is to improve performance in high frequencies because it is equipped with four slots.
Conceptually adopting the same magnet assembly as the other FaitalPRO drivers, based on neodymium slugs, that translate to convenient cost advantages while guaranteeing final performance.
Just speaking about performance, the new HF144 driver demonstrates very high efficiency, in fact, its dynamic range reaches 110 dB (1W/1m) and the frequency response extends from 0.7÷18 kHz.
The extended response up to 18kHz and the minimum crossover frequency advised, equal to 900Hz, make it universally suited for use in two-way or three-way acoustic systems and enclosures. In two-way applications, the low crossover frequency helps in the crossover with the woofer, while in the case of a three-way application one can think about using it as a powerful Mid characterised by low distortion, teamed with a finishing super-tweeter to dedicate only to the very highest frequencies.
The strong 80W nominal power (AES) and 160W maximum makes it preferred choice in almost any configuration in the creative world of the SR, where a high power compression driver of a certain importance with reduced size is necessary. The polymer diaphragm is very light and dampened compared to similar products that rely on metals, such as aluminium and titanium, and works to positively characterize the resonance, making its sound less aggressive.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager assures: “Another strong piece in our ever more complete catalogue, the HF144 driver, has definitely exceeded project technical expectations and is now available. We applied many technical choices to it that directly influence the tone and performance in high frequencies: it extends very high. Always keeping the driver size in mind as well as the category it belongs to, we can certainly affirm that it is more efficient than the competitors’ and that it is offered at a really unbeatable price for its class!”

On this occasion it is also important to stress that a second version of this driver exists, just recently in catalog, called the “HF204”, created with a 2” exit, that allows teaming this driver to an appropriate 2” horn to take advantage of all of the merits of this second configuration.
Also equipped with a Ketone-polymer diaphragm and an innovative annular phase plug, it withstands 80 W nominal power, is characterized by an efficiency of 109 dB (1W@1m) and a frequency range that extends slightly lower, from 500 Hz to18 kHz.

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