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Publication Date: 22 April 2010
A Great European experience! ProLight+Sound 2010 was FaitalPRO's most successful show yet. With a tremendous nunber of visitors to their booth and many new valid business contacts;

we even had some orders made at the booth by our distributors for the new products released at the show!

At the booth the sales force was represented at its best, with a 7 strong staff from HQ, a constant presence of our German distributor Lautsprechershop and some of our other distributors from other areas of the world.

As previously announced we launched there several new products and following up on the great interest demonstrated by our clients at the show we are now distributing a press release for each product, starting with our brand new 15FX560.

The FaitalPRO 15FX560 woofer. Excellent and attractive tone, powerful and versatile.
Presented in January at the latest NAMM, the recent 15FX560 15" woofer is a product with superior nominal power 700W, (maximum peak at 1400W) and high efficiency, 99 dB (1W@1m).
Quite "flexible", it can be used in many configurations where it adapts, easily, without creating any difficulty in coupling or filtering, or in enclosure design.
The new 15FX560, compared to the rest of the FH series , was equipped with a much more powerful magnetic motor, which is paired with a die-cast aluminum basket of new engineering for optimal thermal dissipation and a cooling circuit for the neodymium magnet assembly appropriately "sized" for the frequency and level reproduction of the product.
The cone is coated guaranteeing a stylishly functional appeal; furthermore, the coating helps minimize the already very low break-up of the diaphragm.
For its part, the diaphragm profile ensures an excellent structural stability and the 3" voice coil allows for a linear excursion next to +/-10mm (with maximum mechanic excursion of over +/-20mm).
This is rather interesting data, seeing that the excursion is not as high as in the XL series although very extended, considering its category.
Another important fact is the working frequency range, from 40 HZ to 4000 Hz, which derives from a lengthy design study by the FaitalPRO R&D department. Extreme care was placed in the magnetic circuit study before its creation and the final decision privileged the neodymium magnets with external slugs; everything was studied purposely to minimize and keep the DC-Offset of the moving assembly under control, (the natural deviation of movement with respect to the resting position of the moving assembly when fed with a high power sinusoidal sweep).
This loudspeaker is thus able to contain the distortion levels – much lower compared to a typical competitor - in the entire range of use; it can be said that conceptually it "does not lose energy during the most intense excursion levels making it capable of also reproducing perfectly the mid-range frequencies".
Even here, as in many other examples of the various FaitalPRO loudspeakers families, a demodulation ring was implemented.
Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager states: "The 15FX560 is thus able to produce really impressive mid-frequencies, therefore it is excellent in the reproduction of a vocal range that becomes wonderfully crystalline, also obtaining great results in THD control. In the beta test stage some "pilot clients" used a high pass filter at 1,5 KHz, paired with a 1.4" compression driver, emphasizing its capacity to operate at its best anywhere, demonstrating great versatility in a compact volume enclosure, reflex loaded, front loaded or even very basic."
Given the important excursion of the cone, the choice of rather wide reflex tuning ducts is suggested: considering its capacity to move a lot of air, larger ports than a normally utilized for a 15" are recommended.
Also very attractive in appearance, it uses a derivation of the same magnet assembly concept of the well known 18XL1500 but smaller, a cloth cone surround with three waves, a treated cone made from cellulose pulp and synthetic fibers and a 77mm voice coil.
The 15FX560 can easily be used up to 2 KHz, coupled directly with a compression driver.
Its electrical parameters also render it really suited for reflex cabinets with a resonance frequency at 40 Hz, ideal for use in classic two-way monitors, with 1,4" drivers.

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