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Publication Date: 10 January 2010
Visit at Anaheim with the new professional loudspeakers: continuous and growth for FaitalPRO Here we are once again at the traditional NAMM Show 2010 which promises to be a date not to be missed for audio professionals, above all in times when choices are crucial and there is no margin for error.

The event for all acoustic enclosure manufacturers is from 14-17 January 2010, at booth 6894, Hall A, in Anaheim, California.

FaitalPRO, professional brand of the international loudspeaker manufacturer Faital – on the market for over 50 years, punctually appears at this gathering with a series of new products and with the re- proposal of the most popular appreciated products.

New “pieces”
The release of the newest 15” woofer branded 15FX560. Created with a newly conceived diecast aluminium basket that confirmed expectations of elevated thermal dissipation, combined with a cooling circuit for the high performance neodymium engine. Incorporates a cone with excellent structural stability and a 3” mobile voice coil that allows a linear excursion next to 10mm (with maximum mechanical excursion of over 20mm) for a nominal power of 700W (max 1400). Efficiency at 99 dB (1W@1m) and the useful frequency range goes from 40 HZ to 4000 HZ.

More product innovations announced, this time in the “Serie 520”, where the present 15” currently available on the market is joined by two new models, respectively 10” and 12”, to complete the series that will be obtainable within the first quarter of the year.

There are also new products in the compression driver area for the HI’s, like the one branded HF144, that has definitely exceeded project technical expectations and is now becoming available.

Distinguished for its neodymium magnets, a 65mm voice coil and 1,4” mouth. Incorporating a Ketone-polymer diaphragm and an innovative annular phase plug, it holds 80 W nominal power, characterized by an efficiency of 109 dB (1W@1m) and a frequency range of 700 Hz to 18 kHz.
And even a new diecast aluminum horn, shortly available, called SRH140, squared, with 60x80° directivity, an orientation of 90° on its axis to allow free management of directivity; it has a 1,4” throat and 900 Hz frequency cut.

We invite all who are interested to check the most up to date data sheets for all new products on

New booth
Interesting developments also regard the booth at The NAMM Show – larger this year – that will be fitted out in tandem with the American enclosure manufacturer, SpectrAudio.

Two well defined but adjacent areas with the possibility of hearing “made in USA” enclosures with a heart “made in Italy” live in the sound room, in fact, all the loudspeakers adopted are FaitalPRO.
A great occasion, therefore, to once again hear the components of FaitalPRO in action under real conditions and not only see them on static show.

Powerful presence
Furthermore, always at Namm, the FaitalPRO sales force and technical support will also be on parade, in fact, at booth 6894, Hall A, clients and visitors will have six sales managers at their service, supported by local distributors, all within one area.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager, obviously on the front line also on this occasion, declared: “For us, this Namm will be the most successful edition since our great adventure into the professional audio market started. It is the result of a really exponential company growth as far as sales is concerned, but –and this is what we are particularly proud of- also for the recognition of the market towards our brand, which we represent every day: thanks to everyone, come visit us at the Namm!”

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