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Publication Date: 09 December 2009
Ready for 2010? Great prospects for the future.

A look at what we've done up to now & new distribution agreements. Having celebrated our 50th anniversary of activity in 2008, even 2009 -despite difficulties on a worldwide level - was a year rich in new products.

FaitalPRO had in fact released several new loudspeakers to complete the catalog intended for professional enclosure makers:

The "Super powerful Woofer", 18 XL 1500, also known as simply "The XL", as described by foreign magazines that wrote about it, and also awarded it, "Thundering", in its low frequency performance. An 18"sub-woofer with 1500 W power that outclasses many 21" competitors on the market today.

Then, the 10FH520, 12FH520 and 15FH520 Woofers in the Five Hundred series that do even more than their name promises, considering the 600 W; new demodulation ring, complete redesign of the magnetic circuit , with top level acoustic results.

A Mid-woofer in Ferrite 5FE120 with fiberglass diaphragm, demodulation ring and an outstanding cost/performance ratio.

The Medium 6" "filler" 6PR150 with a 2" (52mm) voice coil, also equipped with a demodulation ring, boasting a true 97 dB sensitivity, cloth surround dampened at a mechanical level, diaphragm in cellulose pulp and long mineral fibers, 150 W nominal, 300 max. The new "whizzer cone" design of the dust cap and the superficial varnishing treatment of the cone, surround and dust cap soften the frequency response and eliminate break-up.

For the HF's, with the introduction of the HF142 Driver (titanium diaphragm) and HF144 (Ketone Polymer diaphragm), 65mm, 2,5" driver with 1,4" mouth suited for 1,4" horns, adopting the same magnet assembly based on neodymium slugs for convenient cost advantages. The range covered is 0.7÷18 kHz with a108 dB (1W/1m) sensitivity.

The HF10AK and HF10RK Drivers with 44mm voice coil and 1" mouth, new diaphragms in a light, dampening plastic polymer charged with minerals, "Ketone Polymer", more efficient and with greater extension in frequency response, a new phase plug, neodymium magnet assembly, 60W-AES continuous power supported (120W peak power), new character and tone produces a sweeter, softer sound.

The SRH140 Horn constant directivity with 1,4" throat from 60x80°, with squared mouth section and different internal profiles. 90° rotation to obtain diverse directivity on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The WG141 Horn with 1,4" throat for compression drivers, when an emission similar to the linear theoretical origin is desired, making the combination (driver + wave guide) suited for use in Line Array environments.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager states: "All our products are unrivalled, indispensable in many fields of application reserved to the professional market which, thanks to an extraordinary modern project, show a versatility and quality second to none that makes them reliable without compromise: in short, exactly what you’d expect of any FaitalPRO product."

And there's no stopping us. In the upcoming months several new products will be launched, which we’ll announce as we go, in the meantime, FaitalPRO is approaching the end of the year with new distributors in Germany, Lautsprechershop, and in the Dominican Republic, Star Light Music.

In the USA, the economic crisis is probably loosening its hold, there's talk of a slow comeback and several new clients have demonstrated a certain interest: so, finally, trust in investments is returning and many new samples of FaitalPRO loudspeakers are ready to go.

Even at the OEM level, FaitalPRO is working on several very interesting new projects developed for important brands which are harvesting a combination of "competence - experience": our great ability in this area is always at the service of our clients, no questions asked!.

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