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Publication Date: 23 July 2009
FaitalPRO launches two new high frequency compression drivers The HF142 and HF 144, powerful, innovative, new sound.
At the last show in Frankfurt, FaitalPRO introduced several new professional loudspeakers like the woofer models paired to the existing Five Hundred Series, 10FH520, 12FH520, 15FH520.

These were immediately coupled with new mids, precisely a 5" Mid-woofer 5FE120 in Ferrite and a new "pure" mid, 6PR150.

All of the new products were introduced following specific customer requests, which the Research & Development team within FaitalPRO satisfied by producing "gems" able to support even greater power and returning different new tonalities.

There are many technological innovations introduced to guarantee the improved quality of harmonic distortion and efficiency, like demodulation rings, or the new HF driver magnetic circuits, membrane in innovative material and much more - allow us a few secrets!

Large and small details that add style and make the construction of an ever more "scenic", even better "sound", for those who use FaitalPRO.

Novelties for the High’s
FaitalPRO also launches two new high frequency compression drivers with 1,4" openings, to adapt to 1,4" horns for those who want better sound band control and possible 2" models for those who prefer greater extension, instead.

The new driver features a 65mm (2,5") voice coil and is available in two versions: with a titanium diaphragm, branded HF 142, and with a Ketone Polymer diaphragm, branded HF144.

Both have the same magnetic circuit, composed of neodymium slugs that replace the classic ring, to the advantage of the cost, which is notably reduced and becomes really convenient, while maintaining all of the excellent characteristics of these technological choices and with the addition of automated assembly no misplaced, loose or "spaced" slugs will ever happen.

Both operate on a range between 0.7÷18 kHz with a sensitivity of 108 dB (1W/1m).

Competitor products in this range are exclusively made with titanium diaphragms; the new FaitalPRO HF142 emulates this material and is able to ensure similar acoustic performance, if not better, but the price is a real surprise.

The variation of this new high frequency compression driver branded HF144, plans for the incorporation of a Ketone Polymer membrane which ensures a greater power hold, resistance to high temperature and improved extension in high frequencies with respect to other materials often used (like Mylar).

For its structural properties, this allows it to easily support 70W RMS continuous and 140 of maximum power on 8 Ohm.

Small, but very important, proprietary technological innovations have been applied to both models and besides improving the power output as mentioned, the two new drivers also have different acoustic "personalities".

FaitalPRO suggests them for use in two-way, and also three-way, high power professional acoustic systems - obviously "top class".
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