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Publication Date: 08 May 2009
Great sound impact at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Rich bass program thanks to BASSMAXX and FaitalPRO.

May 2009. The Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, just recently closed and we are proud to announce the participation of Italian products from the FaitalPRO, San Donato Milanese company.
This was, in fact, the occasion for the debut of the brand new BASSMAXX SP218 model subwoofer, containing two extremely powerful, latest generation 18" FaitalPRO 18XL1500 woofers inside.

For seven years BASSMAXX has been designing and manufacturing record breaking subwoofers with the intent of outperforming anything in their class in both output and fidelity.
Their speaker systems are mainly used in nightclubs, churches, studios, live events, touring, TV studios and full music productions across the globe
"From a philosophical point of view," David Lee of BASSMAXX sustains that "Our products are born from the motivation that you should no longer have to sacrifice sound quality to get the efficiency of a horn, and no longer sacrifice efficiency to get superior sound quality."
The results speak of the benefits associated with well studied acoustical coupling and the very careful choice of components, which mean less demands in amplification, less weight and less difficulty in transport, less truck space, less venue space and less set-up time are all an advantage in savings and overall quality.

BASSMAXX systems chose FaitalPRO loudspeakers and the model indicated, the sub SP218, adopts two units of the latest generation 18", 18XL1500 woofer.
Although brand new, the 18XL1500 is already known for its excellent performance, recognized for its fantastic ratio between small size with "Extra Large" power and "Extra Long" excursion from which it derives its nickname, "XL".
The FaitalPRO 18XL1500 woofer withstands continuous operative power of 1500 Watt and 3000 peak, returning all the power of a 21" but with size and weight - of only 10 Kg – of a simple 18" Woofer.
"The advantages are evident at many levels" – says Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager - "for this concentrate of technology and applied research that demonstrates what we know how to do in our laboratories- the result is this 18" super woofer that boasts very lightweight magnetic neodymium equipment, an efficiency of 98 dB, a 12,9 mm of Xmax excursion and a maximum physical excursion of +/-28 mm".
The debut of the new BASSMAXX SP218 subwoofer at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami saw a good 16 new enclosures installed as front and center "barrier" subwoofers – just below the stage - and measurements taken at 30 meters from the stage demonstrated that the sub SP218 generated a response in flat frequencies of up to 30 Hz with -6 dB measured at 26Hz: data that, translated to "money" terms, means an extraordinary sound pressure and powerful bass that "kicked and hit right to the stomach"!
The configuration planned for three rows of four SP218 subwoofers each, one on the other, plus a small stack of other two SP218 for each side, for a total of 16 speakers and a wall of low frequencies generated on the crowd present at the Festival thanks to the 32 FaitalPRO superwoofers driven by four Powersoft K10 which handled two boxes for each channel.
For ten years, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami has been a spectacular show where bass are absolutely requested. In the past, last year’s edition saw other BASSMAXX products on track, a must, this year everybody’s opinion was unanimous and the new SP218 greatly outclassed any other model heard before, establishing a new reference point for bass reproduction both in power and depth achieved in this event.

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