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Publication Date: 14 April 2009
Prolight+Sound 2009 'Aftermath', The Most Successful Show Yet. Once again FaitalPRO exhibited their full line-up of Professional Loudspeakers at Prolight+Sound.

While presenting quite a few new additions to the catalog the definitive "Star of The Show" was the thunderous bass of the 18XL1500… everyone had to see it and hear it to believe it, FaitalPRO once again gave demonstration of their technological and manufacturing excellence by being "First to Market" with their high power - long excursion 18" subwoofer.

At their Prolight+Sound 2009 booth FaitalPRO offered the opportunity to actually listen to a variety of their products in some of their clients' enclosures, Spectr Audio, ProShow and Audio Focus all participated with their feature enclosures in a joint marketing effort and

"FaitalPRO would like to thank each and every staff member of Spectr Audio, ProShow and Audio Focus for their invaluable support in providing an amazing listening experience!"

Going back to the new 18XL1500, it was installed in AudioFocus' new 18" enclosures (MTB118A).

The 18XL1500, already in distribution, has actually already been field tested and passed with flying colors at one of the most "bass-demanding" events of the year, the 2009 Ultra Music Festival (Winter Music Conference 2009 in Miami), mounted in the newly designed BassMaxx double 18" enclosures on the event's main stage. Pictures, videos and feature stories will be published soon, so keep an eye on the latest news from FaitalPRO.

Now that the "dust has settled" from Prolight+Sound 2009 we can confidently say that it was the most successful show yet for FaitalPRO and we can only expect a great 2009 despite the current economic scenario... which is very encouraging and motivating for all of us.

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