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Publication Date: 13 April 2009
USA Impressions: 'The brand to watch'. FaitalPRO in north American Pro Audio, not only products and quality, but a "Made in Italy philosophy".
"We know how to make a good product and our sound is "impressive", everybody is saying it; furthermore, the development paths to follow are very clear, FaitalPRO is gradually becoming a fashion trend in the USA, because behind our products, all the quality of "The Made in Italy" can be seen, says Flavio Naggi, Overseas Sales Manager of FaitalPRO.
The NAMM 2009 was a memorable event for FaitalPRO. In fact, four enclosure manufacturers were exhibiting their cabinets equipped with FaitalPRO drivers. The performance demonstrated by these new enclosures for each brand definitely generated a high purchase interest, well beyond expectations.

At the FaitalPRO stand - in Hall A - FaitalPRO gave proof of great efficiency and increased sensibility achieved by their loudspeakers, thanks to a Sound Booth.
Even the live inspection of the degree of component finishing and hearing them demonstrated with various musical genres allowed impressed visitors with the superior features, performance and tremendous versatility of these professional "Made in Italy" loudspeakers.
FaitalPRO had the pleasure of sharing the projects and the "inspiration" that generated each product and the "background" of their own audio components with numerous visitors right on the occasion of this recent NAMM, their most successful show in the USA to date.
FaitalPRO produces a unique range of products which, for reliability and quality, has really few competitors in the whole present panorama of OEM component suppliers.
Flavio Naggi states: "Practically, it took a little longer than planned, but now we are able offer continuously growing range of drivers that have very few peers in the industry. Literally, every person after their experience in the Sound Booth showed surprise – and sometimes awe – for what had just been heard and emotionally experienced thanks to the products of a brand with which there was no great familiarity up to now. As a European company with headquarters in Italy, our reputation precedes us in European fair events such as the ProLight & Sound, but abroad the situation is different and this past NAMM was a turning point for the FaitalPRO brand in the context of the North American Pro Audio market; in fact, it has qualified us as 'the brand to watch' in the upcoming year."

The opinion of Rick Bos, of Forge Amplifiers
Here in a note by Rick Bos, VP and co-owner of Forge Amplifiers, who - satisfied – highlights the reasons for which his products were awarded by Bass Gear Magazine; well known and respected by bass experts.
The main headquarters of the Forge brand owner is XP Audio Inc., and the award winning product, Forge branded, is a line of bass amplifiers that boast.
powerful loudspeakers of the FaitalPRO "business partner" within them.
The loudspeaker models adopted by these award winning enclosures are a variety:

250 mm (10") Woofer, 500/1000W nominal and maximum output, 96dB sensibility;
380 mm (15") Woofer, 500/1000W nominal and maximum output, 98dB sensibility;
460 mm (18") Woofer, 1000/2000W nominal and maximum output, 99dB sensibility;
160 mm (6") Woofer 120/240W nominal and maximum output, 95dB sensibility;
130 mm (5") Woofer 80/160W nominal and maximum output, 99dB sensibility.

Rick Bos says: "The recent NAMM gave positive signs of appreciation towards this series of Forge products which were often referred to as "the first real hi-fi amplifiers for bass. The FaitalPRO components take on a very important aspect in this success due to a very pure sound in a range from 27Hz to 10kHz that attracted attention."

The opinion of Keith Gronsbell, North American Sales - FaitalPRO
The NAMM 2009 was an outstanding event for the FaitalPRO brand. We had four OEM business partners introducing and unveiling new products and series using our professional audio components for the first time and the reception, performance and extremely high level of interest to purchase these hot rod enclosures for each brand exceeded their expectations.
Our company builds the most unique line of products which have no equivalent currently from any OEM component supplier. FaitalPRO had the pleasure of sharing our designs, engineering and library of audio components with an overwhelming number of Visitors to our exhibit booth at this year's NAMM, the most active US show to date. Overall the event was a huge success as several new OEM business partners signed on, and new distribution partners stepped up with opening orders at the show, wow! It was the kind of show you hope and dream about, 2009 seems to be our year to be put on the map in the North American Pro Audio Market.

The opinion of Steven McDonough Spectr Audio
Spectr Audio announced the development of a line array system of small size and a second of large size, besides various other models to add to the already "robust" range of products which include a good 32 models. In fact, always at the NAMM 2009, Spectr Audio displayed its latest "creature", a unique and innovative line array called LeraSonic™.
It is a line array based on a double 8" woofer and double 1" compression drivers that propose a notable number of technical improvements in design. Among these, innovative hardware, three separate acoustic chambers, and patented RCC™ technology.
The acronym stands for Rapid Change Cartridge™ and the technology that lies at the source of the project allows replacing the drivers, for high frequencies in very short time and without using tools. Designed above all for easy maintenance, RCC technology allows the user to mount different HF loudspeaker models at will – with different wavelength guides, different drivers to optimize sensibility and other useful parameters.
The LeraSonic system allows getting sound reinforcement with high output and low distortion and RCC™ technology makes it appropriate, in an optimal way, for many applications where other line array systems based on a double 8" are not powerful enough.
Spectr Audio chose several FaitalPRO loudspeakers to complete and realize a variety of their products and the work is not yet finished...
Steven McDonough, Production Manager, Spectr Audio, Inc., stresses that the high quality and longevity of the FaitalPRO driver coincides right with the acoustic theories in line with the productive philosophy of the Spectr Audio products: "There are many enclosure manufacturing companies that make a lot of money in spare parts, after the sale. Our goal is just the opposite, the longevity of our products; this is why we use drivers made in Italy, and this is exactly the reason why we chose to work with FaitalPRO even in the development of custom made drivers. We offer a good five year warranty, therefore we need to select the right suppliers for each component with extreme care, from the American capacitors, to aeronautical grade wiring, to FaitalPRO components.
Our suppliers know we have –thus we expect from them also- the highest standards. Then, our clients can hear and feel the difference."
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