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Publication Date: 10 February 2009
The future is so bright, 'The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!': first impressions at NAMM 2009 FaitalPRO takes off coast to coast: the future is definitely in Technicolor!

"We started out with a bang!" says Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales manager, without searching for euphemisms, in allusion to the success of the company’s presence at the recent professional sound fair at Anaheim, California, "and echoing Timbuk3’s 1986 hit, we are pleased to be able to say: "The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!"

This because since day one - rather unusual for the NAMM Show - the FaitalPRO stand was literally crowded with people, who weren't really just browsing.

This is the fourth year we participate at this important international fair and the second at this stand, strategically located in one of the main halls.

Flavio Naggi picks up again: "Since the beginning, the feeling was really very gratifying because many professionals who knew us came straight towards us purposely, to pay a visit – we take the occasion to thank them - not just because they were "taking a look around and already in the area," passing by our stand, too.

This means that our marketing is working, that we have products which people are talking about, and that the public is giving positive signs of having received our message: "Quality, Flexibility, Innovation".

FaitalPRO, always at NAMM '09, took the opportunity to establish new contacts, a few very important ones, also, and consolidated new distribution in South-Eastern USA that will be a pivot point for South America.

The agreement with a new distributor headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago - Triple R Electronics is among the many reasons for satisfaction.

The fair was also an occasion to meet once more with the recent Mexican distributor Sprym. Despite their recent "nomination" – in May 2008 – they've already produced excellent results due to the local presence of FaitalPRO, since a new warehouse was created in Puebla at just one hour, hour and a half, from Mexico City.

This precise strategy of FaitalPRO has been enacted following an operational plan that is already in force near New York, to serve the United States, and in Hong Kong, to quickly cover the Asian market, in other words, to be able to have a local warehouse always supplied with the most popular models from which to serve the adjacent territories, directly, in a short amount of time.

"We've really reduced product waiting time to a minimum;" confirms Flavio Naggi, "that is, we wanted to be - and we became - closer to our clients.
Furthermore, it was our clients who immediately noticed the ease in receiving the products and the availability of the models requested, with the required quality, and wide variety of the product range always on hand in the warehouse."

The competition hardly ever has local warehouses and, when they do, they are often managed with a lack of resources and inconsistently proposed products.Often, clients have to make do with a model different from the one requested.

Instead, FaitalPRO can boast optimum availability on demand of all loudspeakers necessary, with the quality required by the market.

Still yet, at NAMM 2009, two clients, precisely C-Pro and Bill Jenkins, were present in the FaitalPRO sound room with a few models of their own enclosures, which obviously incorporated the FaitalPRO "motor". This allowed all the visitors to hear and try, live and in person, how FaitalPRO loudspeakers sound in real enclosures, finished by manufacturers and brands already present and appreciated on the market.

A NAMM Show to remember, this, also because it was the live debut of the new "super-woofer", model 18XL1500, presented as available - and not as a prototype – by February 2009, therefore, ready for series production.

Flavio Naggi, proudly stresses: "Evidently, the new sub 18XL1500 was a product that the market was waiting for - yet another promise kept - seeing the great success obtained and the notable interest generated: many requested samples "asap" and demonstrated having projects already in the making that use this model. They elaborated the data presented on the site, and are therefore impatiently waiting for the delivery of the first samples."

Always at the California Namm, the Forge manufacturer presented an excellent stand at which a range of their own valve amplifiers for bass and electric guitar incorporated various FaitalPRO loudspeakers. Forge was selected as the "Best Bass Guitar Amp available in the market for 2009" and outpaced over 150 companies with their new "Powered By FaitalPRO" series, Congratulations Forge!

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