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Publication Date: 23 May 2008
Doyle Audio takes the Leads Powered by the Technological of FaitalPRO speakers: Gerard Doyle interviewed by PressPool : " It’s Audio that defines, ‘A Leap in Technology.’ It’s would not be possible to ask for Greater Performance and Sound Quality.” Gerard Doyle, Doyle Audio, Canada. (PressPool) How would you best define your company-product?

(Gerard Doyle) "We are a Touring and Installation Pro Audio speaker manufacturer since 1981. I have always been conservative, never over stating the quality of our products. I have always let our cabinets and our –satisfied- repeat customers do the talking for us. That said, I must share my thoughts on the FaitalPro speaker line with my fellow speaker manufacturers and system designer colleagues.”

How do you go about selecting components for your product?
Yes we do all the A\B testing and dollar value analysis, and let’s face it, every speaker component company has something to offer. But how long will those features and benefits remain consistent. We definitely think long term. As we don’t advertise, we rely on the product to sound great and perform well for a very long time. We look well beyond how good the samples look on the bench. We look for a stable relievable supplier, that we can have a good "Working" relationship with. So many speaker lines are being passed around from one distributor to another or have a revolving door with their sales staff that promises of support to the product are not honoured. My name’s on the cabinet and the buck stops here. "Honour", I am finding is a word not understood by many when they look at a speaker component as nothing more than a commodity. I could immediately see Faital is "Family" and it's all about Honour. My kind of company. So having a good source of the component is a great start for selecting a product to test. As well as on the bench we then test and compare the performance of the product, "On the Road", in real world situation.

How did you find the performance of FaitalPRO?
When honour drives you, you can't be beaten. "I was truly astonished that this Italian company had the ability to clearly out-perform our previous test reference Bench Mark. We really loved the Canadian built speakers we have been using. They have outperformed everybody else for the past decade. When we fired up the 18" (W18N8-1000) we didn’t even have to put the two models side by side to know clearly that this speaker truly defines the phrase "Leap forward in Technology". "Astonished" really is the right word, and it wasn't just our staff but more importantly our customer, Veteran sound guru and engineer Mike Kerwin, owner of Fortier Light and Sound, that walked up to me at the Premier test Launch of this system at a 2008 New Year's gig in Toronto. I remember the look on Mike's face. Frankly we where just hoping the Faital would sound as good with the advantage of weight for easier transportation, being the feature we were hoping to achieve.
I believe to quote Mike, the word was a very slow,"Wow…It’s better…obviously better." Again you must remember, this Faital was beating out the speaker that beat everyone else. And we would soon realize in the months to follow, the 18" was no fluke "Cherry" in the line, but in fact a consistent performance throughout their whole line of every size of speaker we tested. We haven't tested an 8" as we don't use that size in our line, but the 5", 6" 10" 12" and 15" speakers performed as well as our first experience with the 18".

So, you were won over by the sound tests?
Although sound quality is "Subjective", no one worth their salt in the Professional audio industry will deny, after listening to a well designed, FaitalPRO loaded Enclosure, that they just heard one of if not the best. Frankly I had to ask myself, How did this happen and where did these guys come from. Turns out Faital is a Giant company in the automotive speaker industry in Europe. They are not in a do or die frame of mind when it comes to the Pro audio industry, so they can approach it calmly and methodically and that's exactly what they have done.
Imagine designing and building a completely brand new car. There are no "parts" from other models that have to be used. You have no preconceived concept of your engine or even regarding the materials you have to use to build the body and no obligation to use old technology or "Dated Baggage!". You then simply use the best materials and manufacturing procedures technology has to offer and the "Freedom" to innovate with passion to produce only the best: no compromise. Come to think of it, have you ever seen a badly performing and, ugly Italian sports car? Maybe it's the air they breathe…

And how did the initial contact with the Italian company go?
I was looking for a repair kit for another one of those speaker companies that was in transit from one distributor to another when I was given some guy's number that might be able to help me locate the parts. Turns out it was some nut bar from New Jersey. Yeah like I need to deal with some damn New Yorker wanna be who got kicked out. But what the hell, I said, maybe he's got the good stuff. So I called this weirdo who now calls me sugar cakes. I think he's got a diet problem. He said, Hey I got an offer you can't refuse. Sends me the speakers and I can't do without ever since.

FaitalPRO Information
FaitalPRO is a professional division of Faital S.p.A., based in S.Donato Milanese, Milano. Faital, is a multinational group that has been in the audio field for almost fifty years. Certified by International standards, it boasts company branches and manufacturing plants in six nations. Design, experience and applied innovation are added to highly advanced technological productive processes aimed at creating extremely high quality products, at no compromise. Every product of the FaitalPRO line is meticulously designed internally in CAD and FEA environments, then tested to guarantee the absolute quality of audio fidelity and heavy-duty reliability. The use of NdFeB, special systems dissipate heat and specialized technology allows sensible weight reduction, power resistance and performance for total reliability in all environments and pro-audio application demands.
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