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Publication Date: 07 March 2008
More brand new products by FaitalPRO! Two new horns, five new compression drivers, three 18" woofers and a mid-woofer.
San Donato Milanese, February 2008. Recently announced, FaitalPRO has launched several innovative products - now officially present in the updated catalogue.

The new horns
Starting with two new horns for high frequencies, together with the LTH102 model already produced, to complete the range.
The WG101 model and a second horn, the STH100, shorter in size: both produced in die cast aluminium alloy.
The purposely corrugated structures on top were designed and produced to eliminate possible resonance through the use of FEA systems.
All three high frequency FaitalPRO horns are manufactured in a die cast, following faultless industrial procedures, with the highest professional standards.
The smallest model, the WG101, has been designed for line array applications, as it allows for assembly in a reduced space and a certain directional adaptability.
Completed with an anthracite black protective finish, they can be used on all 1" FaitalPRO drivers; increasing high frequency diffusion efficiency and ensuring accurate direction control.

Compression drivers
Five new compression drivers will also be launched, always boasting excellent linearity and extension in the range.
With a diameter of only 85 mm and a weight of 1,1 kg, the new HF10TX has a sensitivity of 108 dB, a maximum power capacity of 120 w and continuous 60 W on 8 Ohm. The diaphragm is in PEN material, while the orange phase plug is immediately synonymous to performance with an "aggressive" look.
Greatly reduced size based on high output, it is definitely recommended in line array where vertically coupled.
The new compact compression driver for the high frequency HF100 model, displays a dome shaped PEN plastic membrane, 25mm bobbin, 86 mm global dimension and holds continuous 60 W power (120 peak).
The third new entry in the tweeter compression range, the HF102, also boasts a neodymium magnet, weighs very little, 320 g., and supports continuous 30W on 8Ohm, 60 maximum.
The fourth and fifth will be the new HF140 and HF200, for the 1.4" and 2" sizes offering a more affordable option always in the neodymium range. The five new compression drivers are identified by a few constructive characteristics which influence and define the distortion values and the frequency response in each component; thus their performance and respective acoustic behaviour (pitch). In common, they possess the renown FaitalPRO quality. A certification test like no other, able to guarantee the utmost quality and performance over time, must be passed before production to guarantee total endurance and reliability in all products.

High Performance Series, now four 18"
News even in the "Performance" series where two new models, the 18HP1020 and the 18HP1040 and 18XL1500 have been added to complete the previous 18" W18N8-1000 woofer.
Both the 18HP1020 and 18HP1040 return up to 1000W nominal power on 8 Ohm (2000 W peak), the 18HP1020 model has parameters identical to the W18N8-1000 but slightly more linear and with a slightly greater excursion.
The 18HP1040 woofer was specifically created to satisfy the market requests for "front load" applications and is therefore designed for reflex diffusers, not of the horn loaded type.
The 18XL1500 will astonish all visitors with groundbreaking innovation and extraordinary power and excursion.

Mid-Woofers, too!
The latest additions, perfectly in line with the other FaitalPRO products, are the little 5FE100 6FE100, 5" and 6". Starting from the nominal 80W, they unusually adopts a ferrite magnet and a sheet metal basket; born for mid woofer applications.
Mechanically more economical compared to the "normal" FaitalPRO speakers - however - they boast "pro acoustics".
Designed for those that need to create diffuser applications in large series, as well as small line array systems, columns, etc., in cabinet reflex or double reflex "in sight".
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