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Publication Date: 27 January 2009
New loudspeakers and traditional passion: the adventure in professional sound reinforcement continues full speed ahead. New, elegant and in A4 "full page" format, the new FaitalPRO catalog is now available.

The professional division of the Milan based Faital S.p.A. celebrated its 50th anniversary of activity in 2008, a guarantee of its stability and reliability.

The new catalog was officially "launched" on occasion of participation at the NAMM Show 2009 in Anaheim, California, in January, and will be available at all upcoming international trade fair appointments in which FaitalPRO usually participates, as well as by direct request through the appropriate form on the site.

This is another demonstration of our dedication to our work, a testimonial to the constantly growing global success of this loudspeaker series, which has won numerous awards and international recognition along a path of technological excellence derived from our trilogy: "quality, flexibility, innovation", which many international system manufacturers have chosen to embrace.
In fact, the official design brand is recognized in all of the products that are joined by an evident common denominator: "engineered and manufactured in Italy".

The new catalog is duly introduced by significant episodes in company history, "focusing" on how FaitalPRO is today.
A thorough conceptual presentation follows, regarding the "new breed of professional loudspeakers", seen through the Research and Development lens, an important factor in understanding the "cultural heritage" and passion at the root of these products, tenaciously pursued by the owners, to give the market a new twist, a boost of energy.

Then, a dive straight into the products with Series descriptions - a page for loudspeakers – and related image, three tables of technical specifications (Nominal Parameters, Electrical and Thiele & Small Values), frequency response polar diagrams and impedance curve.

The new catalog gathers all the product series, always available in stock with no waiting times, and new models also, all subdivided according to “family” of origin:

Professional Series,
Five Hundred Series,
High Performance Series,
Fe Series,
Compression Drivers,
HF Horns.

It regards a product range subject to constant improvement and decisively dedicated to professionals who are searching for new motors for their own professional diffusers.

The "Professional" Series includes woofers with neodymium magnets, able to handle power from 80W continuous, in a performance range that reaches 400W continuous up to a maximum of 800W with models that increase in diameter and power from 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15". The voice coils used vary according to the model, from 1,26" to 2, 2.5 and 3".

The "Five Hundred" Series, able to support power of 500W continuous and exactly double the maximum, plans for 5 woofers recently added to the two already existing series, "Professional" and "High Performance2. With very elevated efficiency and great cone excursion, they are ideal in enclosures with less extreme electrical parameters, therefore, born for rather large scale professional applications.

Today, the "High Performance" Series includes four woofers with neodymium magnets respectively from 10, 12, 15, and 18" able to produce from 700 to 1000 W nominal power on 8 Ohm and even 2400 W peaks, with 4" mobile equipment. Recent improvements to the range have brought about the birth of three new 18" models with further improvements to the cone excursion and to the alignment in frequency response, and to satisfy demands of the "front load" type in reflex diffusors. The new models are 18", handling 1000 W and the brand new 18XL1500 even brings power to 1500W (3000 peaks) with a maximum cone excursion of 56 mm!

At the moment, the "Fe Series" Series lists only two mid-woofers, from 5" and 6" with 80W and 100 W respective power are distinguished from all the other models of FaitalPRO production because – requested by the market – they are the only ones to adopt a magnet in ferrite instead of neodymium.

In the very complete "Compression Drivers" area, FaitalPRO teams various excellent neodymium compression drivers for high frequencies that, like all the other brand products, are a true concentrate of technology and applied research, with a final goal: quality.
Five 1" models, two 1,4" models and two 2" on power from 30, 60, 70 to 80 W nominal and respectively 60 and 160 W maximum, the various models are always equipped with magnetic components in neodymium, boasting sensitivity from 106 to 109 dB and mobile voice coil from 1,02 to 2,95". Truly exclusive concentrates of technology are indicated in all segments – even the more extreme ones – of sound reinforcement.

The last section plans for a few pages dedicated to the new horns in aluminum alloy to team with compression drivers for the highs described: three models with 1" throats and two of 1,4".

Flavio Naggi, Overseas Sales Manager commented: "The new catalog, like the launch of the new site, is part of the initiatives introduced on occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary starting from last year and, just put out is practically already old! This because we are a real factory of innovative ideas, the creative team is very close knit, always ready to improve and produce "new stuff" for our clients, but always based on "stable" models that last over time, to guarantee the investment. It is not by chance that our position in the international market is growing. The results are in plain sight to all and preparations are being made for novelties already on the program for our next meeting at the Frankfurt for the Prolight+Sound 2009 Fair!!"

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