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Publication Date: 23 December 2008
FaitalPRO launches the 'XL', the long awaited 'super power' woofer. We are quickly approaching the end of 2008, year in which Faital celebrates its 50th anniversary of activity and success in the international loudspeaker market.

The revelry also continues in the professional FaitalPRO division, with the launch of a new low frequency loudspeaker that is bound to mark a milestone in the history of the company - with main headquarters just outside Milan and various branches distributed around the globe.

In fact, we are looking at a new super powerful woofer, branded FaitalPRO 18XL1500 and immediately nick-named "XL" to designate its super range, "Extra Large", able to handle operative power from 1500 Watts to even 3000 peak power. Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Manager, states: "It is the largest product we have on catalog to date, above all, big on performance and purposely not exaggerated in size. In fact, we wanted to create the ideal candidate for enclosure manufacturers that need all the power of a 21" with the volume and weight, only 10 Kg, of a simple 18" woofer. The advantages are evident at several levels."

To achieve similar project expectations, FaitalPRO concentrated and applied the best of all the research and development of its own internal laboratories and the result is this 18" super woofer with very light magnetic equipment in neodymium, which is able to express an efficiency of 98 dB, and is thus born for high power subwoofers.

Contrary to what one might think, however, the FaitalPRO 18XL1500 woofer does not require very powerful amplification, in fact, it promises adequately resilient electrical parameters to guarantee use in a vast range of applications, above all in front loaded diffusers, and will not let down even those who prefer aligning it with horn loaded configurations.

Above all appropriate in "below stage" positions, due to the proportionally contained size and limited weight - the FaitalPRO 18XL1500 is suitable even for subwoofers in hanging line array configurations, where weight is a determining factor.

The recommended configuration for the diffuser which should contain the new XL is a medium measure, from 130/150 liter, therefore optimum in any SR application, or in Band-Pass configurations from 170 liter double chamber with chords respectively at 30 and 90 Hz.

Easy to adapt, with reliable technical reference parameters, boasts a 100 mm mobile coil that allows a very long cone exchange with a declared Xmax at ±12,19 mm and Xdamage at ± 28mm: which means a maximum extension of up to 56mm!

A copper voice coil, with a special glass fiber support and a 31mm high winding and special lead wires treated to handle the power in play and a few other little "secrets" complete the technical profile of this FaitalPRO 18XL1500 that has a very favorable weight/power ratio.

On closer examination, the application of "dual mirroring spider" technology already applied with success in many other FaitalPRO lines is immediately noted; as well as another very efficient ventilation system for cooling the motor, derived from the configurations already implemented on other products of the FatialPRO family.
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