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Publication Date: 18 October 2008
FaitalPRO continues investments. 'We take this seriously' 50 years of passion and commitment "Not just where we've come to, but where we are starting from." (Flavio Naggi).

Faital, is a multinational group based in S.Donato Milanese, Milan, which produces loudspeakers dedicated to various audio sectors, at all levels, that has been on the scene for exactly fifty years.

2008 is an important year for Faital, our 50th anniversary of activity and not just that.

Certified by International Standards, it boasts branches and manufacturing facilities in six nations. Design, experience and applied innovation are combined with very advanced technological manufacturing processes aimed to create top quality products, without accepting any compromises.

FaitalPRO, founded about three years ago, is the part of the company dedicated to the brand directed towards the professional audio market. It fully draws from the Faital integrated workforce management system and re-proposes products committed to achieving absolute performance.

FaitalPRO has poured all of its "Faital determination" into the design, development and final production of these professional loudspeakers for sound reinforcement. Passion is the most precious resource of every organization but it is also the most expensive, considering that in our case no product reaches the market if it has not passed rigorous testing based on the most refined technology at international levels, and 360° listening tests in dedicated booths.

Each product of the FaitalPRO line is meticulously designed, entirely in CAD and FEA environments, then tested to guarantee absolutely consistent audio quality and heavy-duty reliability.

The use of neodymium, special systems to dissipate heat and patented technological parts allow notable weight reduction, high power durability and referenced performance.

The results describe a total reliability curve in all environments: the demands of the pro-audio applications, even in customized client specifications, are in line with the strategic goals of the company.

2008 has been a very important year in which FaitalPRO has renewed its commitment on many fronts, starting with our presence at all major international trade fairs, where our products have always been received with great interest, often with admiration and surprise; then, with the opening of our new branch in Hong Kong we are now able to follow the Asian market in a capillary manner.
We have continued improvements in our Client services, now more aligned with the international importance of the brand, by analyzing and redefining some areas of the production processes. Management is applied to operation in the context of all daily functions, focussing on cost reduction and increasing sales and profits.

And, we have certainly not stopped to rest on our laurels: new strategies have been put on the field to maximize efficiency and to improve the performance of the "Faital System". Some company processes have been refined in order to ensure better implementation of a few internal mechanisms which leave room for staff motivation and training, with a system of performance analysis considered "an indispensable step for full return on investment".

"The real result of all this constant investment" - commented Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager - "will be seen later in time, but we have already been rewarded, considering that there are many international diffuser manufacturers in Sound Reinforcement which have understood, and consequently adopted our products. Some are so satisfied with our products that they have created videos to divulge their enthusiasm, others have started with a few woofer models and have immediately declared their intention of also replacing the mid range and compression drivers of other manufacturers used to date. Still others do not want to tell the world that in their diffusers, rigorously 'made in …' the real motors are Italian FaitalPRO power loudspeakers!

Our message always holds true: we are still 'loaded'. We’ve only just started, you haven’t seen anything yet and we’re only 50 years old!"
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