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Publication Date: 26 September 2008
On occasion of their 50th Birthday, FaitalPRO opens their doors. "Come discover the secrets of the Faital System". Official invitation for international editors: brief interview with Flavio Naggi. There are already two international magazines that have decided to pay a visit to FaitalPRO after finding out that the professional loudspeakers of this Italian company are being adopted in some of the best sound diffusion systems of the leading international manufacturers.

FaitalPRO is the division dedicated to the professional sound reinforcement departments of Faital, which will in turn celebrate their 50th birthday in 2008.

And just on occasion of half a century of activity of the founding headquarters, FaitalPRO invites the international press to a heartfelt "open house" visit of its own design structure in the historic general headquarters in San Donato, on the entrance to Milan, and to one of the various manufacturing sites located around the world, the one close to Cremona.

We asked Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager, to comment the event.

"The basic idea", Naggi explains, "is that we do not have any big secrets or magic formulas, but a clear and determined recipe for success, which we follow with all of our might. The first point in favor of FaitalPRO is the ability to internally design and produce, in industrial series, loudspeakers that are ideal in any specific application for each customer and that have the performance and all of the merits of the best custom made artisans products. They are true concentrates of innovative technology, research, passion, determination and the desire to always create the very best, deriving from the experience and the products of the main Faital headquarters. Sold in millions of items and present today across all continents, above all in the Automotive sector, they have won numerous prizes and important international awards for quality. It is very important that whoever has anything to do with us be able to see exactly what is behind FaitalPRO products, because in our case, we can really speak of seeing just the “the tip of the iceberg".

Presspool: "You prefer to speak of "human resources" rather than "personnel", can you better explain this concept to us?"

Flavio Naggi: "We planned everything on the drafting table for two years before launching our FaitalPRO professional division. We invested a lot of money in research and development and sifted the professional audio market before being certain that there was room on the market for our new products in sound reinforcement. We wanted to brand the -absolute -best transducers, to make them with quality, strong and dependable, able to support high power and guarantee maximum reliability. And we wanted to demonstrate the ability to achieve the maximum expression in top of the line Italian technology, just like in sports cars and many other fields. Therefore, we aimed for structural and technological excellence and above all on people, on precise "values" affirming a grass roots philosophy that would mark some milestones such as:

the responsibility and competence of each “player” in our departments,

the meticulous definition of the activities that everyone had to bring forth under their own responsibility,

starting and continuously feeding a full training and certification program for internal staff

and finally, analyzing all of the activities carried out to check if, at the end of the processes, Faital System procedures and instructions had been adhered to or not.

Thus "human resources" above all, because all of the collaborators are "vessels of value" since the very start; these values are then developed. Everyone must have a solid awareness, both of the theory, as well as in the application, of the models and techniques which allow all company processes to be managed in a streamlined manner with high quality performance."

Presspool: "Could you indicate, in short, two of the characteristics that "Blasone FaitalPRO" should contain? And how did you get there?"

Flavio Naggi: "The quality and repetition of the results in our loudspeakers is our ultimate goal; the two essential values are holding power and efficiency of quality in the systems of our Clients. To achieve these requisites, we had to raise awareness in all of our operators towards the study and management of the flow of materials and transmission of information within company processes. Then, we had to stimulate the definition and launch of the projects to increase manufacturing performance and this was done through constant and meticulous presentation and discussion of the objectives, keeping updates active."

Presspool: "To simplify the concept, could we perhaps affirm that the "search for excellence" in each area of the company, which has directed everyone's attention towards the achievement of this fundamental concept, is the winning factor of FaitalPRO."

Flavio Naggi: "Evidently, we aim to keep a streamline company, basically, able to start from a clear identification of our development strategy, able to maintain the product promise, the processes and the organization in order to achieve the objectives with the maximum efficiency. Our passion is always that of proposing a series of loudspeakers, indicated at various power levels, for touring, for installations of all sizes and based on very innovative technical solutions. To maintain our elevated standards, there is no end to improving the process in terms of reducing time and space necessary for production and costs. Only through the constant analysis of the problems and the continuous search for solutions – and subsequent adjustments – can we be sure of offering loudspeakers that have never been so close to perfection."

Presspool: "So now, the logical consequence: an invitation to visit the FaitalPRO manufacturing company and the organization of the various areas of competence, to prove the validity of the claims in person."

Flavio Naggi: "Our double investment in human resources and technology is really impossible to describe in simple terms, even because we dispose of a complex line of product testing within our company which is recognized at an international level. A determining factor in the process is that of being able to follow every component in person before putting it into production. Only a personal visit to our headquarters and production line is able to map, at least in part, the flow of values that our products are subject to. You are officially invited for a personal visit and, on this occasion, a toast to our 50th Birthday!"
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