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Publication Date: 27 July 2008
Danley Sound Labs launches the new SH-96 enclosure at InfoComm 2008 FaitalPRO drivers beat at its heart The new enclosure in this series is actually a quite original design – considering the extraordinary technological content – named the SH-96 model proposed at the recent InfoComm 2008, in June.

The official critics describe its performance as "powerful, unrivalled output and fidelity"; high acoustic accuracy values and elevated overall frequency response. To achieve this kind of a result, the SH-96 was born with a winning combination of eleven drivers— four FaitalPRO 15-inch woofers, - six 5-inch mid-range drivers and a single FaitalPRO 1.4-inch high-frequency compression driver - all in a single enclosure, using a passive crossover network, with proprietary configuration and copyright.

Solidly based on uncommon design and production, the new SH-96 enclosure was created for professional use by the American Danley Sound Labs and boasts a sensitivity of 103dB.

It is able to handle power of around 2800 W RMS with a frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz (±:3dB), while the enclosure, constructed from braced Baltic birch, measures 26.5 inches high by 45 inches wide and 25 inches deep (68Ax114Lx63P) and weighs about 215 pounds (97 kg).

The new SH-96 was developed to respond to customers' requests for "better" acoustics to be used in prestigious high level entertainment areas. The choice, therefore, was to build a purely horn type design, in the search for high power output, fidelity and optimum frequency response.

The first installation planned will be in the renovated IMAX theater on Navy Pier in Chicago, followed by the Morrison Center at Boise State University.

Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs, stressed: "The laws of physics are impervious and do not bother with the recent trends of an audio industry lost in a sea of speeches on digital technologies and loudspeaker designs that work based on self interference! Our industry is always searching for good sound and it really does exist. The Danley Sound Labs SH-96 combines high-fidelity with accurate phase and magnitude responses, true full-range response, besides having an excellent pattern control down to 200Hz. Using the Faital neo drivers enabled us to construct a cabinet that even though utilizing eleven drivers, only weighs just over 200 lbs. Traditional ferrite magnets structures would have added close to 30 percent more weight."

Actually, at the recent InfoComm, Danley Audio challenged the visitors by asking them not to take their word for the "Danley Difference" but to go to their demo room personally, sit down and listen to a demo. They advised visitors to be prepared, because "once you hear the Danley loudspeakers it will be tough to listen to any other product!"

At InfoComm the SH-96 was displayed without the rear panel to highlight the manufacturing excellence, baring the splendid FaitalPRO components with the high central driver which proudly showed the FaitalPRO manufacturing brand (see photo).

Tom Danley is known as one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry today and is recognized worldwide as a pioneer for "outside the box" thinking in professional audio technology. His legendary designs have been utilized in projects even in extremely specific segments such as the "ground zero bombing" simulation, jet engine active noise cancellation, high-end home theatres, houses of worship around the world and much more.

As said, the heart and motor of this new diffuser are the diverse components of the Italian FaitalPRO loudspeaker company, also already used in other models of the same manufacturer, precisely four 15” neodymium woofers that surround a central compression driver, surrounded in turn by six mediums.

The 15" drivers are the fantastic FaitalPRO 15HP1020, definitely a reference point for the reproduction of mid-low frequencies with quite a contained weight of only 5,9 kg / 13lb, thanks to the neodymium magnet structure.

By itself, this super woofer contains all of the best technology studied and applied by Faital in the professional FaitalPRO line and is able to support very high power, even 700 Watt continuous and up to1400 W maximum on 8Ohm.

With 99 dB sensitivity, a 4" voice coil, a case in die-cast aluminium with excellent acoustic characteristics, the FaitalPRO 15HP1020 woofer is the ideal candidate for many enclosures, an example of quality, fidelity and hold in reference situations.

The unique driver which instead takes care of all the high frequencies output is the FaitalPRO HF14AT model, a prestigious compression driver with a titanium diaphragm that boasts a sensitivity of 110 dB and has a nominal power handling of 80 W with a maximum power of 160 W.

The very Italian FaitalPRO drivers are adopted in a few other Danley Sound Labs enclosures as well and by various other prestigious professional audio manufacturers worldwide.
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