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Publication Date: 10 July 2008
Faital Asia: 'Oriental Adventures' for professional FaitalPRO speakers Faital opens a new branch in Hong Kong to closely follow the professional market in the Far East. San Donato Milanese, Milan, June 27th, 2008. The news of the newly opened - and completely operational - new Faital branch office is recent. Complete with a warehouse, it is destined to serve the supply of professional FaitalPRO loudspeakers in a more timely manner throughout the whole Asian area. Faital Asia was born to reduce "time-to-market" to a minimum, in other words, the amount of time which passes from the order to the delivery of the professional loudspeakers towards the whole Asian areas, from Indonesia to Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and above all China and Hong Kong, all the way to Korea and Japan.

Before the creation of this reference point, FaitalPRO could fill the orders of clients in these areas within the classic five/six weeks necessary from order to delivery, an amount of time already considered excessive, due to the conditions of the professional audio market.

"/Our new Hong Kong branch" - comments Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager - "will take care of the shipping and invoicing of the whole professional FaitalPRO range from the new warehouse on the spot, while the central management with personal technical-sales contacts, product quality and orders will remain as always, with our Chinese staff, handled from our historic FaitalPRO headquarters in San Donato Milanese, at the doors to Milan."

The new Asian offices will be perfectly able to carry out precise and speedy deliveries, as the Asian market requests.

The Asian reality is extremely particular, the clients have great economic capacity, but do not have the time to wait the month or more necessary for deliveries arriving from Europe, therefore, it was absolutely necessary for FaitalPRO to create a "backup" of always available products which could be ready in a few days: exactly like what happens for clients who buy from the FaitalPRO headquarters, and from America and Mexico, which serve the other world markets.

In this way, our clients also have another benefit: in other words, under the financial point of view, they are no longer as exposed over quite such a length of time. Actually, since payments are always made in advance, up to yesterday they were obliged to financial exposure for 5 or six weeks, which then increased for the length of time necessary to prepare/package the enclosures to sell on the market, while now with payment on delivery, it takes only a few days.

For example, a Chinese client can now count on woofers, mids, drivers and professional FaitalPRO horns, practically in "real time" while an Indonesian client can receive them only in a week: a more than acceptable length of time.

"Furthermore, the market," concludes Flavio Naggi, "is moving at an incredible pace; the request is good and clients just do not physically have the time to wait for the products, therefore we are now particularly excited by this new possibility of following the market even closer and faster, directly and also with our support staff on site.
This warehouse and the new offices will give us a fresher and stronger thrust in this area, where before it had to be managed mandatorily from Italy, with all of the consequent difficulties faced, in terms of costs, length of shipping times, customs issues and so on."

As demonstrated by the great success obtained at the Palm Fair in Beijing, the FaitalPRO products are definitely creating a lot of interest even on the Asian markets and certainly this new initiative will contribute in developing many successful new markets.
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