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Publication Date: 13 February 2020
WAVEWORKS AND FAITALPRO“Efficiency is big to us: smaller, lighter, louder, and on less power.” Brad Katz of Waveworks interviewed by Jason Longobardo of FaitalPRO.

Jason Longobardo: “Please can you give us a brief company history or overview, such as who you are, your range of activities and the customer groups you focus on?”
Brad Katz: “Waveworks, with headquarters in Oakland, California, was recently born out of my need to create idealized relationships for our wide client base. We serve the high-end commercial AV installation/integration market and also rent pro-audio systems. Ideally our clients are looking for something better than current standards as we strive to separate ourselves in both quality of work and strength of our relationships. Sales clients include nightclubs, bars, restaurants, event spaces, and churches. Rentals range from serving the wider underground dance community to local corporate work.”

J.L.: “What are your goals and aspirations for the business?”
B.K.: “Waveworks is built on the relationships it forms. To us this means anticipating our clients' needs with products and skills that go above and beyond. We are constantly searching for unique products that perform better, fail less, and are easy to use and set up. Efficiency is big to us: smaller, lighter, louder, and on less power. These become big gains to our clients in time, money, quality, and less headaches. We are trying to expand slowly in the local area but are looking to how we can make an impact nationally and internationally when the time comes.”

J.L.: “How are you setting yourself apart to compete in a tough economic environment?”
B.K.: “By building very strong long-term relationships with outstanding customer support and raising the bar of audio fidelity. We also do not accept current standards, but instead are searching to create our own.”

J.L.: “How long have you been working with Italian professional loudspeakers manufacturer FaitalPRO?”
B.K.: “Only since 2017, but already feel a very deep relationship with both the product and the people behind it.”

J.L.: “Please can you give details on a particular installation or project using FaitalPRO components?”
B.K.: “We just developed our own Paraflex-type Mid-Bass/Sub based on the 15HP1030 with outstanding results. The idea around the box was that I wanted a higher tuned sub for rear stacks in 4-corner setups, and DJ monitor subs. This particular tuning turned out to work extremely well as a Mid-Bass between our BassMaxx subs and Alcons tops with some additional filters and delay. Paraflex is one of the newest sub cabinet types with a unique, compound horn arrangement. One of the inventors, Matthew Morgan J, generously helped us work out the exact numbers and deserves credit with his team for the development of the type and helping builders with their designs. It's an ultra-efficient design with some unique qualities and really sets apart the feel of our system. We produced 2 prototypes ourselves and are working on a more professional production model as we speak as the new sound is already in demand.”

J.L.: “Why did you switch to FaitalPRO and what products are making a positive impact on your business?”
B.K.: “I've been hearing about Faital from afar for some time; there was some very positive feedback from a few peers in the online community that were using the brand. I had an application where some installed subs needed a repair, and I decided it would be a good test case for an upgrade. The client noticed a large audible difference right away, and I knew we had a winner.”

J.L.: “What is the overall impression and comments from your clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in your designs?”
B.K.: “The clients like the punch of the sub upgrades. I find Faital has very good control with their dampening; they tend to be more on/off and have less ring than other designs. They also seem fine being pushed, and I have yet to have a failure, although I'd consider myself to be a new user. As far as the Waveworks Paraflex150 bassbin, it's so different than what people are used to hearing; and with the rest of our system, it really brings the kick drums alive and felt, without the weird harmonics that I find typical with such boxes.”

J.L.: “What is FaitalPRO's best seller for you?”
B.K.: “The 18HW1070 is a great option for most bass reflex designs as an upgrade. We tried the 12HP1030 in a few of our large, folded horn rental subs and are now looking to upgrade them all.”

J.L.: “What products would you like to see in the future from FaitalPRO?”
B.K.: “It would be nice to see a 21" super subwoofer!”

J.J.: “Why should other customers choose FaitalPRO products?”
B.K.: “The products sound great, and the customer support is excellent. For Waveworks, they help set us apart.“

J.L.: “What are your future plans such as business growth, new products etc.?
B.K.: “We are still working on growing our presence, both for the rental market and installations. I think we have a unique sound and discipline that will attract clients looking for something different. We will be developing our Paraflex sub designs with possibly 2 more tunings, and then hopefully finding the right nightclub to a debut a whole new type of low-distortion/high-efficiency system that includes all of our amazing new technology.”

2121 Peralta St A-37
Oakland, CA 94607
+1 415-250-5502

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