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Publication Date: 11 September 2018
THE BASS BIN IS A LABOUR OF LOVEFaitalPRO interviews Demetrios Yannikakis, the Bass Bin, UK "We have solely FaitalPRO speakers in the last build of our 12 volt wheelie bin sound system called The Bass Bin. We use a 4ohm setup with some JBL amps and it's unbelievable how much more power and efficiency we have been getting with your latest speakers." Demetrios Yannikakis, The Bass Bin, Brighton, UK.

FaitalPRO: "Please can you give us a brief overview such as who you are, your range of activities and the customer groups you focus on."
Demetrios Yannikakis, The Bass Bin: "The Bass Bin aims to entertain, inspire and educate about DIY sustainable living possibilities, in a fun and informal way. Since 2009 we have been using our 12 volt wheelie bin speaker builds in festivals and events throughout the UK.
The concept has far from exceeded any expectations we have had and the response from artists, followers and people dancing around the sound system has been amazing. We could never have thought we would have had such a following when we were building the first bin in 2008 and that we would have been involved with so many great festivals within Europe."

FaitalPRO: "Have recent changes in our economy affected you and the way you do business?"
Demetrios: "Not at all but then again we don't have a proper business model. The bin is a "labour of love" funded by 3 members of Wonkay Records (Sandy, Oska and I, Demetri).

FaitalPRO: "Can you give us more details of this amazing sound system using FaitalPRO components?"
Demetrios: "There have been 3 builds of our bass bin since 2009, with the 1st build being built from an old sound system with recycled components. Over time we have invested more and more into the concept leading to the latest build of 1.5K which is just over 6 month old. The specification, speaker design and build has been a collaboration with Element 5 Sound Systems and myself.
We are purely 12 volt, even including our amps which is what originally drew us to FaitalPRO for your 4 ohm speaker selection.
I could not believe how much more power we could get from the newer FaitalPRO drivers at 4 ohm. We now have the 1000W 12" driver with 2 x 200W drivers and FD371."

FaitalPRO: "Can you please describe it a bit more in detail?"
Demetrios: "- Our systems operate on a 12 volt leisure battery which powers our JBL car amplifiers. We run a 4 ohm configuration with 2 amps one dedicated to the 1000W sub and another running the tops for the remaining 435W. These speakers have been boxed by Element 5 Sound Systems and then dropped into the bin. We generally have acts playing on top of the bin using all sorts of devices which are then fed into a preamp to amplify the signal to our amplifiers."

FaitalPRO: "Where was the Bin mainly used?"
Demetrios: "The bin is being used in Brighton and at festivals all over the UK including our first outing to France as well as various beach events. We've hosted a wide variety of artists from DJ's, bands, beatboxers and more."

FaitalPRO: "Why did you switch to FaitalPRO loudspeakers and what products are most making positive impact on your business?"
Demetrios: "The audio performance speaks for itself. The current setup we have is way more efficient than any of our previous builds and the extra sub and clarity have been a massive upgrade which our party goers can't get enough of."

FaitalPRO: "What is the overall impression and comments from your clients since making the change over to FaitalPRO components in your designs?"
Demetrios: "Massively positive because the last 2 builds have mainly used FaitalPRO speakers."

FaitalPRO: "What are FaitalPRO's best sellers for you?"
Demetrios: "The drivers within our latest bass bin are
- 1 x Faital Pro 12HP1060, 12" Speaker Driver 1000 W 4 Ohm
- 2 x Faital Pro 8PR200, 8" Speaker Driver 200 W 4 Ohm
- 1 x Faital Pro FD371, " Speaker Driver 35 W 8 Ohm.
We got these products from the UK distributor Blue Aran who offers us a great service."

FaitalPRO: "Why should other customers choose FaitalPRO products?"
Demetrios: "We've tested them at full capacity whilst moving through fields for the last 5 years. They sound great, have been super reliable and can take punishment".

The Bass Bin
United Kingdom

Watch the video "The Bass Bin's journey through BoomTown 2017"
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