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Publication Date: 12 April 2018
NEW FaitalPRO 6PR160 AT PL+S 2018Refined Midrange, Highest tonal and performance level FaitalPRO, renowned Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers, officially launches three new models at the prolight + sound 2018 (Hall 3.1, Booth B61), all with great appeal for the professional audio market.
They are three cone speakers, namely two 6" drivers for medium and low-medium frequencies, and an 18" super woofer dedicated to the reproduction of the lowest frequencies.

We are now introducing the new 6PR160 mid-range driver

Flavio Naggi Commercial Director of FaitalPRO explains: "The 6PR160 mid-range was created solely for the range of voice reproduction where it plays an important role.
It has remarkable weight characteristics, given the neodymium magnet structure and the aluminum basket.
It is a mid-range of the highest level, both for tonal characteristics and performance."

There are two new products that FaitalPRO is launching dedicated to mid-frequencies. When compared to the twin brother "6RS140" that is immediately characterized as mid-low, the model 6PR160 is devoted to the mid-frequencies range, although certainly it will also be used as mid-bass.
Developed in the wake of other already successful products in the catalog, it retains many advantages, and on top of that list is it's great reliability.

Flavio Naggi comments: "It's a nice "full" medium, with an eclectic character that is suitable for many applications and it is easily suited for multi-purpose enclosures in sound reinforcement and PA.
It is excellent in medium and small line arrays, where it usually covers the central position, or in three-way systems where it alone takes care of the entire mid-frequency range."
Equipped with a demodulation ring that reduces distortion and very refined on a tonal level, the 6PR160 is able to generate a rather wide angular dispersion and withstand a maximum power of 240 W (120 continuous) with 95 dB of sensitivity. It includes a cloth edge cone, a 37mm coil, a magnet assembly composed of a neodymium ring, and an excellent voice coil.

Flavio Naggi closes: "The 6PR160 is definitely one of the best midranges that FaitalPRO offers, both for its tonality, where it diffuses a refined and optimized sound, and because of its discreet elegant extension of the reproduction of low frequencies, with an Fs of 90Hz and a good cone excursion. For us it is really a complete and mature midrange, which achieves 95 dB of efficiency and offers a full and clean sound with refined tones.
Attention to detail continues with a lacquered finish, and a three wave treated edge all contained within its compact dimensions.
Excellent in closed enclosures, we also recommend it in multi-point configuration using two / four drivers in a line array.
Thanks to a very high EBP of 261 Hz, it can safely be horn loaded giving great intelligibility and power in sound reinforcement."
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