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Publication Date: 08 March 2018
FLIPSIDE SOUNDSYSTEM AT THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENTPowering live events and PA with FaitalPRO The primary qualtity of Flipside Soundsystem's business is perhaps "flexibility". From their London headquarters, they offer a fully comprehensive range of pro-audio expertise.
James Cooper, the owner, confirms: "In trying to help end users directly, we are consultants for our clients, also for companies and professionals who need to reach for the best possible sound quality available. Our goal is providing a total uncompromised sound quality combined with a practical solution."
Flipside are mainly recognized as loudspeaker designers, installers, sound consultants and PA hirers.
Driven by a passion for sound, they offer services to clients such as London's leading nightclubs and promoters.
They have proudly developed long lasting relationships with clients and suppliers.
Touring bands and corporate venues are often involved in the daily routine as the recent event held at the London Houses of Parliament confirms.
James says: "The London Houses of Parliament pavilion event was a temporary hire, we supplied engineers and equipment for the pavilion area and a live performance.
Just a few metres from the Thames bank-side we were called to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Irish company SAM.
For their business anniversary they hired the Thames Pavilion which is at the back of the Houses of Parliament, within a small private garden. The place is rather picturesque since it is a few meters from the Thames and you can walk just outside the terrace with the Parliament houses marvelous landscape at the back.
Here, the PA was requested to amplify a group called The Titanic Dancers, an Irish band composed of 3 musicians, string session, vocalist, and dancers. There was also a video presentation with food and drinks to celebrate the occasion. It was a relatively simple job, with an active system, a Midas desk and basic outboard equipment, some microphones, wedge monitors, with only 4 audio crew members including myself needed.
The job was very interesting for many reasons, one being for security check clearance which was very difficult, and for around 50 guests we had to produce a lot of identification info.
We were allowed access just 45 minutes before the start of the event so all equipment used had to be installed very fast.
The issue of this job was time. With only 45 minutes before the event we had a very limited time to gain access, bring in the equipment, setup, sound check and be live and ready for the band to start.
We are not a big company, so we really can take care of our customers needs and our main efforts at the moment are concentrated on developing our PA hire business for occasions just like this.
Our goal is also to focus on developing new audio ideas since we are driven by passion; paying a lot of attention to detail we devote a lot of time into research and development areas.
This is why we are also trying to expand our business areas providing new solutions for a contemporary range of applications.
Our Hypex amplifier modules and FaitalPRO RS range of bass drivers is particularly appreciated.
Among the many FaitalPRO loudspeakers used our cabinets host subwoofers 18FH510, woofers 8PR200, woofers 8RS250, full-ranges 4FE32, and compression drivers HF104.
We chose FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers because their customer care is fantastic with the power to size ratio we need. We just can't find another product range out there that can boast the same quality."

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