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Publication Date: 06 April 2017
THE NEW SOUND DESIGN FOR HIGH FREQUENCIESFAITALPRO HF111, HF142 FaitalPRO launches two new compression drivers dedicated to the HF range

At ProlightSound 2017, FaitalPRO, paying -as always- a lot of attention to the needs of enclosure designers, expands the already complete range of professional speakers, with two excellent new compression drivers.

One implements a ferrite magnet (HF111) and one (HF142) a neodymium. The performance is excellent, and benefits from reduced dimensions and weight;
they are, therefore, ideal to make "on the road" speakers with minimum total weight.

The compression driver HF111, with ferrite magnet, has a very interesting cost, and is characterized by deliberately balanced parameters (controlled) so as to make it implementable in many applications.

It presents as a compression drivers of medium-small size with a 37mm voice coil and 1" mouth.

The diaphragm is dome-type in Ketone Polymer and the magnetic circuit ferrite, which is optimized to achieve high performance in terms of efficiency.

It completes the range of FaitalPRO compression drivers with 37mm voice coil and constitutes the new alternative in respect of existing drivers with annular 4 slot phase plug and equal coil size, HF104 and HF105.

Obviously, the performance characteristics are different with license nominal data that indicates an efficiency of 107 dB, an excellent frequency response from 2 kHz to 20 kHz, and a good applicable power of 40 W with a maximum of 80 W AES.

Designed for use in two-way systems with a horn to match the 1" throat and multi-purpose applications, in multi purpose systems, with a 10" companion woofer.

Given the very linear response and extension to the highest frequencies, it can also be indicated for use in small dimensions line arrays.

Flavio Naggi, Pro Audio Division Manager, said: "At the design stage we wanted to create a driver with a very smooth and extended response at higher frequencies, with a controlled tone, from soft, tending to "sweet".

In addition, on the typical style of our ferrite drivers, the new HF111 is part of a product range based on a very attractive cost."

The HF142 is the new large top of the range driver, with 65mm coil, ¼" throat, dome-type and magnetic circuit with a neodymium ring.

Like all FaitalPRO drivers, it has characteristics of high efficiency and frequency extension, thanks to the Ketone Polymer membrane and an innovative 4-slot phase plug.

This new driver completes a series of products for high frequencies with 65mm coil, optimizing the overall dimensions, but definitely not at the expense of the overall performance.

We are therefore in the presence of a driver that is capable of handling very high power, 80W continuous and maximum 160 W, with an efficiency of 110 dB, a useful range of from 900 Hz to 18 kHz. The minimum recommended crossover cut is 900 Hz.

Suggested applications are in large monitors, two-way, alongside a 1.4" horn and a large woofer, 12", 15". It's excellent also in a line array with waveguide, flanked by a woofer or a midrange of large dimensions, an 8" mid or directly with a low driver, 10", or 12".

The adoption of a 4 slot phase plug and a rather regular frequency response make it a very effective driver in multi purpose sound apps, with gentle and non-aggressive tonality.

It re-proposes, in fact, the "mood" of the other drivers in the catalog with similar-sized coil, but with considerably reduced dimensions, to the benefit of those installations where these factors make the difference.

Flavio Naggi confirmed: "These two new drivers are created for applications from the highest level of quality and, being able to withstand high electrical powers, are perfect when used on large systems where high sound pressure levels are needed."

Application Innovation Class 74mm - HF Compression Driver neodymium Dome Titanium: FaitalPRO also presents a noteworthy improvement on dome Titanium throughout the compression driver class with 74mm VC.

In fact, on this series of highly successful drivers and just at the Prolight + Sound trade fair 2017, FaitalPRO introduces mass production of a "stabilized" titanium dome.

The innovation consists of a specific treatment on the outer diameter of the clamping of the diaphragm suspension.

This process and the material treatment implementation ensures even more stability and linearity in the response.

It is applied to all existing models in the catalog that adopt the Titanium diaphragm with 74mm voice coil, and that will be gradually introduced in all deliveries in the month to come.
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