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Publication Date: 05 April 2017
THREE NEW WOOFERS PRESENTED AT PROLIGHT+SOUND 2017FAITALPRO 12RS550,12PR320,10PR320 Striving towards perfection, the professional speaker catalog by FaitalPRO.
In a landscape of great performance and reliability, FaitalPRO submits three new woofers to the European market.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Pro Audio Division Manager, comments: "They are designed to cover wide-ranging, multi-purpose application market needs. They sound excellent, have a consistent behavior and very important acoustic performance."

FaitalPRO 12RS550 is a 12" woofer with ferrite magnet producing a controlled acoustic behavior, soft, but very powerful.

It is aimed at customers who create two/three way speakers, for clubs, studio monitors and a thousand other uses.

It deliberately offers controlled efficiency to respond to all situations where average efficiency systems and "accommodative" tonality are needed. It almost borders on the hi-fi market; purposely less harsh if compared to the typical style of the pro-audio speakers.

It produces, therefore, an attractive sound, all-round, non-aggressive, for a classic low bass that "where you put it, it sounds."

The indicator of this desire is in the EBP (Efficiency Bandwidth Product) parameter of 108 Hz, which suggests its use in simple construction loudspeakers, standard type SLR, front loaded.

It requires no special crossover cuts or unusual size of the cabinet. It implements a waterproof membrane in mixed cellulose pulp of high quality synthetic fibers and provides a rubber edge.

Other crucial parameters are: 77mm voice coil, declared nominal power of 500W and 1000 W of maximum (according to AES standard), 93 dB of efficiency and "typical bass" use from 45 to 2500 Hz of bandwidth.

WOOFER 10PR320 and 12PR320
The two new woofers by FaitalPRO, 10PR320 and 12PR320, represent the evolution of existing PR300, models 10 and 12", on a totally different basket and based on a more flexible magnetic circuit.

Designed for low and medium-low frequencies in two-way speakers and especially in MI market (electric bass, jazz guitar, but not only) and general Pro-Audio market.

They are ideal where 10" and 12" woofers are needed to extend the low frequency response beyond the standard products available to date.

The type of sound produced can be defined as "nice & clean".

Both models provide a 65mm, 2.5" coil with good power handling, and a real 300 W and 600 W maximum (AES).

The true novelty for both is the engine, with the neodymium magnet attached to the outside of the basket.

Obviously, the electroacoustic parameters change and the 10PR320 demonstrates a lower QTS, a slightly higher Fs and a slightly more "nervous and responsive" character, compared to 12PR320 which more "balanced" results, relatively quiet, but still sufficiently "assertive".

Both employ a waterproof cellulose pulp and mixed fiber cone with cone surround in waterproof treated fiber with a three-wave profile in order to obtain the desired tone and maximize the movable element excursion.

Both woofers show very high sound pressure levels and great resistance to power.

It should be noted that the neodymium magnetic circuit allows us to limit the weight and development in depth. In this sense, the full speaker will be lighter and less bulky.

This translates into a significant advantage in many uses and especially in touring and in fixed installations with rigging.
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