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Publication Date: 31 January 2017
FaitalPRO in Scotland with Shermann AudioSherman Sound Systems continues to go from strength to strength, recently supporting many shows within and around their home city of Glasgow, Scotland. Shermann is a prestigious brand renowned for over 30 years, especially within the UK, for their professional enclosures, and it was recently acquired by Sono Vie Ltd. This Scottish pro audio company offers PA equipment for rental and touring used in several performances.
These shows being varied styles of comedy and musical theatre.
"Audiences appreciate "hearing the difference", says Alan Beattie, the owner; "Customers once again are choosing Shermann Audio products for their outstanding vocal clarity as enjoyed by audiences at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival".
With 16 performances and in excess of 18 thousand visitors with artists and performers including Dylan Moran, Julian Clary, Ohmid Djalili, Adam Hill, Paul Merton etc.
"Glasgow International Comedy Festival chose Shermann because they could hear the difference and every word was enjoyed with perfect clarity. There was not a bad seat in the house."

Andrew Richardson AREA/OEM SALES Pro-Audio Division of FaitalPRO confirms: "Glasgow has a long history of trading with Italy as show by the Italia Statue on the Italian Centre in Ingram Street which oversees town centre. Sherman continues this trading history with its partnership with Italian professional loudspeakers manufacturer FaitalPRO which is adopted in many of their professional enclosures.
Alan Beattie of Shermann Audio recently gave me a tour of his production facility based just outside Glasgow in the town of Wishaw.
It's here that they design, test and build all of their systems with emphasis placed on hand-finished quality, sonic clarity and product durability coupled with usability and portability.
They pride themselves on offering a "bespoke" service tailored towards the end user, almost a "saville row" of the audio industry.
It's important to them to offer a product that can be supported for many years as can be testified by a long established client base which goes back over 33 years of continuous UK production."
Some clear examples of this are the Shermann G5 enclosures used as a mainstay for theatre, concert and many other venues. Within the G5 is a FaitalPRO 15FX560, a neodymium slug crown 15" (380mm) super woofer capable of 1400W of maximum power handling and 99dB of sensitivity; frequency bandwidth of 70 – 800hz.
The GS18C sub units are powerful bass drivers which were used at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and West Side Story and Dolly Parton 9 to 5.
They boast inside an 18" ferrite sub with range from 38Hz to 115hz, 4" copper voice coil, dual suspension system and a cast aluminum chassis.
All enclosures are black finished as a result from the new spray booth with filter system that has been recently updated in Shermann production facility.
In production they have G8 cabinets which use FaitalPRO woofer 10FH520 teamed up with a Shermann mid high assembly. The bass driver 10FH520 is a 10" woofer, handling 600 W continuous power, 1200 Maximum, 97 dB sensitivity, with 3" voice coil.
Typical application would be a concert mid high for use in a theatre and teamed with 18 inch sub box. It provides finely controlled coverage for use in difficult rooms.
4 of the G8 were used at the Kings Theatre Glasgow to improve intelligibility and quality throughout the upper floors.
A new Shermann enclosure, called K4F, is in pre production testing. This is used for stage lip fill and is low profile and can also be used for under balcony fill. Inside is a FaitalPRO HF compression neodymium ring HF102 driver, ketone polymer dome diaphragm, 1" throat generating 30 W (60 W max), with 107 dB sensitivity, 8 Ohm, along with with STH100 elliptical tractrix and midrange driver 5FE120, a ferrite ring 5" mid, with 80 W power handling (160W max) and 88 dB sensitivity.
G5, G8 and GS18C were also used at Julian Clary, Paul Merton Jerry Sadowitz, Reginald D Hunter and Dylan Morgan comedy shows.
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