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Publication Date: 26 September 2016
Aaron Boothe of Precise Audio and FaitalPRORELIABLE, EFFICIENT, VERSATILE AND PROFESSIONAL Reliable, efficient, versatile and professional: Precise audio, UK speaker systems manufacturer.Aaron Boothe of Precise Audio describes his company: "Precise Audio Uk is a British establishment launched in 2009. We design and manufacture professional speakers systems, processors, amplifiers and accessories.

Our goal is to provide high quality sound system solutions for a wide array of applications such as live music venues, schools, churches, bars, night clubs and DJ systems for festivals.

Our background is in the field of live engineers for concerts & tours with well-known professional artists – we have a firm grasp of what is required from an audio system in any scenario.
The products are designed to be reliable, versatile, and profesional, with high sound quality at more affordable prices.
Our target clients are middle market hire and installation companies that want top quality systems at middle market prices.
All of our products are making a positive impact on our business because we have focused on getting the correct balance between the quality and the product price bracket in a way others don't.
We chose FaitalPRO loudspeakers because they make products in ways other manufactures don't.
In testing we choose components based on the application not by brand preference. We get a few different models from other brands and test to see which we prefer by ear, build and reliability.
FaitalPRO have proven to be different and very impressive.
We currently have 6 new flagship products, a mixture of our Voice series and monitor systems which use FaitalPRO components. They will be released in January 2017.
Some products of these are out on demo shows at the moment and have had brilliant reviews.
Due to this success we will continue to experiment and implement additional loudspeakers models from FaitalPRO and maybe some coax drivers with mounted hf horn flares and some 21" woofers are among our suggestions!
Very early days as our new products are not yet on sale but so far the business relationship is very good for us."

Flavio Naggi, Pro Audio Division Manager of Faital comments: "We are always interested in startups and small companies that offer a bright future like Precise Audio UK! Our help in the small emerging companies is realistic since they are the backbone for future business. We try and help them in a proactive way by offering advice and assistance. First of all, the quality and consistency of our professional loudspeakers is a guarantee, since the parameters are tested very tight, and the same loudspeaker from one order to another can't show differences of +or- 3-4 dB as many other manufacturers accept. It is simply unacceptable for us. Our loudspeakers allow us to create more consistent matching products. Our customers are convinced that their systems deliver exactly the performances they want to, because it is simply so."
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