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Publication Date: 07 January 2016
Acoustic Precision Technology GB and FaitalPROTHE BEST SOUND AT A GREAT PRICE Apt-GB is an audio design and manufacturing company based in the heart of Cornwall, Great Britain. Graham Gosden is the founder and owner; he has been in the pro lighting and sound industry since 1994, working for some of the biggest manufacturers as an engineer and designer within the fixed installations and touring sides of the industry.

Graham tells us: "I was told by my customers for years to start a company of my own, to design and show, audio pro equipment because they like my philosophy and vision.
So I finally managed to do it and started last year; I made the leap to set up Apt-GB and do just that."
The main aim of Apt-GB is to design and build as much as possible on-site in the headquarters and only work with a small number of the best suppliers in the world.
The idea is that they can build the highest sound quality and performance audio products at an affordable price. This is one of the main reasons for choosing Italian professional loudspeakers by FaitalPRO.
Graham also offers a full design and build bespoke service so his customers can fulfill all their needs.
Graham says: "We aim to have a full range of fixed install and touring products, from speaker cabinets and in the future to DSP and amplifiers.
Our main market right now is fixed installation and small touring companies but who knows in the future. We are working on a small line array system and a horn loaded system for mid-size touring companies.
We know the audio market is a hard one to break into but we would like to have a small part of the market selling the best we can design and build, working very closely with our customers.
After extensive testing FaitalPRO loudspeakers and many other speaker manufacturers in the market, we found that FaitalPRO was the best fit for 95% of our needs as the build quality is to a very high standard with a great robust construction and good specification, plus a great price point. This means we can meet the high demands of our customers.

Among the most used models in our range of speakers are: FaitalPRO drivers 4FE35, 12HP1010, 15HP1030, 18WH1070, HF100, 8PR210, 10PR210, 12PR310."

Apt-GB is working with some of the biggest bar chains in the UK and the customer brief is high end sound, with custom colour matching of the cabinets for each venue.
The final price of their range is very important, so by using FaitalPRO drivers this gives Apt-GB the best sound at a great price.
The market is tough today and one of the biggest problems Graham is facing is the low price and low quality equipment from China which is pushing price down.
We asked Graham to describe at least a couple of standout points from the competition and this is the answer: "FaitalPRO's big advantage is the repeat quality of the product and build. Have a guy like Andrew Richardson (AREA / OEM SALES Pro-Audio Division FaitalPRO), in the UK who is a big help, as he is very passionate about the product, so for me this will be a great thing for Apt moving forward with FaitalPRO".

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