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Publication Date: 16 December 2015
Flare Audio Limited and FaitalPROSound energy without distortion "Starting from the well-known concept that the same frequencies reproduced in phase and out of phase from one speaker can cancel each other and create serious issues in the response of a sound system, we have been working on the "Infinite Baffle" concept, long thought to be impossible. So, after five years of intensive research on this technology, we were able to "tame" the sound pressure and today we can say that the sound waves from the front of our speakers are no longer compromised by those emitted from the rear.
This allows us to avoid the typical problems of phase noise in reproduction and to produce new and different acoustic systems."

This is the voice of Davies Roberts, owner of Flare Audio Limited, a British company which, offers the market rather revolutionary sound systems.
"We have developed a technology that allows us to produce sound without distortion, thanks to three patents.
In practice, we transform speakers in acoustic pistons eliminating the pressure that may interfere on both sides of the driver.
Our technology is applicable to any loudspeaker in order to produce a sound without distortion. However, we always select the drivers that best fit our needs and that is why our initial choice fell on two models of Italian FaitalPRO HF drivers, one and four inches respectively, 4FE32 and HF10AK (16 ohms).
Basically we are using these professional drivers on all of our speakers, apart from the two lowest cost models. They are a perfect match for our product philosophy, starting with the 4" column array, we selected them for their "sound energy" which produces the least possible distortion. For three years now we have used FaitalPRO drivers and the 1" driver has been with us from the early stages of launching our product ranges, while the 4" has been adopted by only a couple of models.
We are well known in the touring world, professional recording, studio monitors and many other areas.
Our speakers are truly "cross-over" and perfect in so many areas, also suitable for use in line arrays, PA and for bands employing large and prestigious systems.
Our design also comes from excellent links with British universities, as our ideas are loved for their innovation.
We are a strongly technologically oriented company that creates professional speakers and also high-level headphones, which have been available on the market since 2010. After major investments, which were repeated last year, we have many grown product areas with patents covering various sides of the market and not just pro-audio.
Our range includes about twenty-five speakers that use FaitalPRO drivers, apart from two lower cost units.
Orders are constant and we have a very good relationship with the academic world and with our customers.
Our secret is a different technology from all the others, called "Vortex", based on a concept long considered impossible: on the back of the speaker we apply some metal plates that allow us to control the air flow; in fact, the air can travel in a predictable way although there is a clear barrier between the two sides of the speaker. It took a five years research and three registered patents, not only acoustically, but also starting from the practical physics and the idea of the air control which, allows you to manage the sound pressure avoiding harmful rear emissions.
The air comes out in a controlled way and does not affect the work of the speaker, thanks to special large ports.
In theory, all speakers of all sizes can benefit from these concepts and all models have the same sound and are very linear.
We gained an excellent linearity with a range of impeccable construction. For now we have only used small drivers by FaitalPRO but the next step is to consider larger products, such as the renowned 18" woofers.
Ours is a very different approach that can be applied to a smartphone as well as a huge touring line array.
No coincidence that we had a great reception to the recent Plaza exhibition in London.
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