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Publication Date: 11 December 2013
FaitalPRO learns to speak Chinese...The launch of the new website in Chinese and an exclusive FaitalPRO loudspeaker Audio Boutique FaitalPRO is the professional division of Faital S.p.A., situated at the doorsteps of Milan. It is a multinational group in the audio field that has designed and manufactured loudspeakers of exceptional quality for over fifty years, adopting highly advanced technological production processes.

FaitalPRO launches the Chinese localization of its website for the beginning of December 2013. Gianluca Turra, FaitalPRO area manager responsible for the Asian market, states:
"The new website constitutes a very important foundation for the further expansion of FaitalPRO into the Chinese market, which is giving us a lot of satisfaction. It will become a very important tool for our clients as it is a precious and rich source of information for a huge potential market of Chinese speaking internet users."
Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to emphasize FaitalPRO's presence in this market with a dedicated sales network backed by a true " loudspeaker boutique ".
In fact, it is a shop created and designed by the Chinese FaitalPRO distributor, "Fine Sound Transducers": it is the first of its kind, exclusively dedicated to the sale of professional FaitalPRO loudspeaker products.
We are in Guangzhou in the frenetic center of Panyu district, now considered the heart of pro sound "Made in China".
Fine Sound Transducers, FaitalPRO's authorized distributor, counts on a team of three professionals - Sammi, Ann and Zhu.
The shop, set up a little more than a year ago, is a sales point strategically located in the center of the Chinese pro audio district, where the most renowned brands in the field also have their headquarters and production plants.
It is a market hub, where the Italian FaitalPRO product has already achieved a significant positioning , thanks to the strong commitment and professional approach of the Fine Sound Transducers' team.
Gianluca Turra emphasizes: "This elegant and extremely high impact boutique serves as both an exclusive sales point for the FaitalPRO products and as a showroom to create and develop new opportunities with the pro audio manufacturers in the area. The idea is simple, a refined quality image of the shop perfectly matches the high quality of the products FaitalPRO placed on the market over the years."
Fine Sound Transducers also guarantees: offering clients a stock of products available on demand to clients, even in significant quantities. This way, it resolves the problem of getting products from Italy, without unreasonable waiting times.
Gianluca Turra confirms: "We can count on Fine Sound Transducers to always offer punctual service and support the Client both during enclosure design and manufacture with important technical advice. The local team is capable of satisfying all requests, including after sales service. In fact, Fine Sound Transducers is made up of professionals with an excellent reputation in the pro audio field and renowned technical background."
The high technological content and construction quality of the FaitalPRO products combined with the outstanding efforts of the highly motivated Fine Sound Transducers team will certainly result in tremendous success.
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