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Publication Date: 24 July 2013
New HF FaitalPRO drivers HF106 and HF146

Again under the heading of news for this year, FaitalPRO has launched three loudspeakers in ferrite measuring 18, 12, and 10" - 18HW1070, 12FH530 and 10FH530 - which we have already presented (link) plus two high frequency drivers: HF146 and HF160.

HF146 by FaitalPRO

All of FaitalPRO's drivers for low, midrange and high frequencies are the result of a lengthy and meticulous design process at their R&D facility in San Donato Milanese near Milan. A combination of proprietary technical innovations allows to achieve consistently high performance, always in line with expectations.
This new driver is no exception. Presented as a new and improved version of an existing model, the HF146 driver is a technologically evolved version of the HF144 model. Compared to it, HF146 has a more linear frequency response and a different tonal balance. This second difference is the reason that both models are still in the catalog.
Technical data on the nameplate is the same as that on the HF144: AES power 80W (maximum power 160W), sensitivity 109dB 1W/1m and suggested crossover frequency 0.9kHz (12dB/oct.).
The magnet assembly still uses 15 neodymium slugs instead of the classic ring, also the dimensions and weight of the driver are unchanged. A linear response curve and high power dissipation allow it to be used in a wide range of professional applications, such as large line arrays and multi-way acoustic enclosures. It can also be used with horns or waveguides with a standard 1.4" connection.

HF106 by FaitalPROThis is a neodymium version of the HF107, a compression driver for high frequencies with a fully annular design, from the diaphragm to the phase plug. The new HF106 Driver also uses a 44mm voice coil and circuit with a neodymium ring magnet, and ends up weighing just a shadow over one kilogram. The AES nominal power dissipation capacity is 60W (maximum power 120W), sensitivity is 110dB 1W/1m, and the suggested crossover frequency is 1.3 kHz (12dB/oct).
The cost of neodymium skyrocketed a few years ago, but has recently become more affordable and therefore is making a small comeback. Despite the fact that it is still more expensive than models in ferrite, neodymium is now found in the loudspeaker range to provide all of the unique features of this material, such as lighter weight, smaller sizes and a particular timbre.
The new HF106 is used with horns or waveguides with a standard 1" connection and, just like almost all of FaitalPRO's compression drivers, it is suitable for applications such as medium to large line array systems in a two-way enclosure with 10 or 12" loudspeakers.
The particularity of the annular design chosen for this model guarantees a smooth, extended frequency response to over 20 kHz.
Unlike the ferrite version HF107, the HF106 model allows the replacement of the recone-kit, directly from the back, without having to dismount the driver from the horn. The driver has an aluminum cover for excellent heat dissipation to guarantee many years of faithful service even in the harshest conditions.

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