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Publication Date: 24 September 2007
Lange Loudspeakers: Swiss engineering, Italian heart High quality standards, an eye on tradition, FaitalPRO power drivers
Lange Loudspeakers ( story began in 1992 thanks to his founder, Hans Andreas Lange, who at that time decided, along with some partners, to give birth to a series of professional loudspeaker enclosures under the brand name of Delta Loudspeakers.
Lange since the beginning was the father of every product: he also signed their design and engineering; all enclosures were born out of his passion and he remained with this company till 2005.

In that year Andreas Lange decided it was about time to kick-start a new "solo ride", launching a brand new, privately owned and fully independent company, "Lange Loudspeakers", basing his efforts on precise ideas, products to develop and quality policies to pursue.
Targeting both professional and consumer markets, Lange focussed from the start on such audio markets which are continuously evolving. He produced, in time, a very comprehensive and suitable product portfolio in which he poured all of his previous competence, developed in order to create a well identifiable brand name to be preserved and consolidated.
We also need to point out that the company hallmark value proposition has always been, as Lange himself declares, "to deliver the best price-to-audio performance".
Nowadays Lange Loudspeakers products among the many values also boast a distinctive mark, that is the emphasis paid on design which reflects a profound attention to detail.
With painstaking precision and brand new headquarters in the Swiss area "Grigioni", unveiled in July 2007, Lange Loudspeakers is concentrating on audio professionals needs and devotes his products also to musicians and sound designers, proposing loudspeakers enclosures than can fuse great performances and the well renowned Swiss engineering.
Lange projects have in years led to new ranges of prize wining products appreciated for their accuracy in sound reproduction and high quality standards applied.
Will and plans declared by Lange Loudspeakers for the future include respect for the past and solid theories on which success has been built; and at the same time a very modern industrial design which mixes in products destined to advance on the market form any technical and acoustic point of view.
Al present, the professional sound reinforcement and installation range includes the following lines:

Line Array- long throw,
Line Array compact- mid throw
Horn Speakers- long throw loudspeakers
HP Full Range Series- High quality speakers
P Series- Retail Systems for every installation.

Audio devotion
If the "brain" of such products is Swiss, the heart is often Italian, since many of the models are based on Italian manufacturer FaitalPRO loudspeakers. Some examples: 


For Instance, V218 of V Series is addressed as main bass section of high quality Sound Reinforcement applications and it makes use of FaitalPRO drivers W18-N8, 18", 8 Ohm woofers - capable to withstand 1,000W of continuous power; they have been chosen for the excellent linearity and for the light, long excursion voice coil. The V 218 enclosure has a compact cabinet (75X57X75 cm H,W,D), but it is very powerful for its log throw double FaitalPRO 18" woofers, which can reach up to 136.5dB of continuous power in just half space conditions. A flat response extends from 35Hz up to 200Hz, while six handles, and back wheels, make it ideal in touring applications.

HP Series

In the HP full range series, models HP10, HP12, HP15 are respectively equipped with FaitalPRO 10, 12 e 15" HF drivers and woofers, models W10, 12, (Professional series) and 15 N8-700 (High Performance series). All models do not need high-order passive filters (Lange in such a case employs a 6dB/oct). Again, models HP10, 12 HF10RT & 15 HF20AT make use of high frequencies drivers from FaitalPRO, radial and very neutral, 1KHz to 4 KHz, thanks to a soft diaphragm suspension. Ti diaphragm in that area has a better behaviour than mylar's many other manufacturers use. The HP range so integrates very powerful and modern concept loudspeakers.
All FaitalPRO HF and LF drivers have been tested in severe conditions according to I.E.C. 268-5 at minimum impedance for 100 hours and are therefore suggested to withstand really extreme working conditions. All LF drivers make use of 4" voice coil originally developed for 18" drivers in order to guarantee an excellent behaviour in low frequencies reproduction, and minimum distortions. For instance FaitalPRO 10" driver enclosed in HP10 models boast an excursion of outstanding 8.95mm.

Compact Line Array

This series is particularly suitable and convenient where weight and dimensions matter, but also power and quality should be consistent. Even in this case FaitalPRO loudspeakers choice is not by chance. Genesis 50, one of compact Line Arrays, employs 1" radial FaitalPRO drivers, models HF10RT for the same reasons of HP series. Besides, the Genesis line, due to its destination, touring, discotheques, clubs, dance halls, etc., boasts a very linear frequency response, from 90Hz up to 21KHz and a very good horizontal directivity. The small L205 line array is due to enclose a FaitalPRO M5N12 driver (one of the very latest) for its great efficiency and wide diaphragm. It's a figure of around 25% more than the 5" previously used. The L208 model, again in the Line Array series, last but not least, uses a W8N8-150 driver by FaitalPRO. It is an excellent LMF driver that allows to use a relatively high crossover frequency, still producing "reasonable" polar diagrams. It is to be stressed that L208 is configured as a 2 way active or passive on one of the two LMF drivers. Passive configuration can be freely applied to left or right loudspeaker and avoids phase shifts, typical on line arrays. Hans Andreas Lange comments: "All FaitalPRO drivers allow to keep weight under total control; they all boast excellent technical and sound performances, and, not to be underestimated, they are always available in stock!"
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