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Дата публикации: 24 Март 2010
FaitalPRO Prolight+Sound 2010 New Releases The FaitalPRO 15FX560 woofer
Excellent and attractive tone, powerful and versatile.
The recent 15FX560 is a 15” woofer with superior nominal power 700W, (max. 1400W), high efficiency, 99 dB (1W@1m ) and frequency range of 40-4000 Hz.
“Flexible”, it can be easily used in many configurations.
It has a very powerful magnetic motor, a new die-cast aluminum basket for optimal thermal dissipation and cooling circuit for the neodymium magnet assembly.
The cone coating guarantees a stylishly functional appeal and helps minimize the already very low break-up of the diaphragm. The diaphragm profile ensures an excellent structural stability and the 3” voice coil allows for a linear excursion next to +/-10mm (max. mechanical excursion over +/-20mm).
Everything was studied purposely to minimize and control the DC-Offset of the moving assembly; the distortion levels are much lower compared to any competitor - in the entire usable frequency range.
Excellent in the reproduction of a vocal range, becomes wonderfully crystalline, with great results in THD control.
The 15FX560 can easily be used up to 2 KHz, coupled directly with a 1,4” compression driver. It's perfect for reflex cabinets with a resonance frequency at 40 Hz and ideal in classic 2way monitors.

Wunderbar! Yes, of course, it’s the FaitalPRO 18XL1500
A 3000 W max peak power, guarantees 98dB of SPL, in just 18” diameter.
The FaitalPRO 18XL1500 super woofer is 100% water proof thanks to a pulp of synthetic and natural fibers cone and a special additive applied directly during the production stage and not later on as a coating. An extremely light neodymium magnet ensures all of the speed, power, rapid response and linear excursion: a real reference product, a “18 super woofer” difficult to match. Very versatile in any high power application, taking care of the whole low frequency sound program that it returns with “enthusiasm”.
It was born to perform in mid-size 130/150 liter, front loaded reflex or even horn loaded enclosures. Ideal in any SR application, it fits in 170 liter double chamber Band-Pass configurations with tuning respectively at 30 and 90 Hz.
Its electrical parameters are sufficiently “elastic” to allow a very vast range of applications without complex filters.
Excellent “under the stage”, considering its proportionally contained size/performance ratio and limited weight– the FaitalPRO 18XL1500 is even suitable as subwoofer for hanging line array configurations.

FaitalPRO launches the new “15XL1400”, 15” subwoofer.
A pure sub that uses the same magnet assembly and suspensions – the double spider and cone surround – of the renowned “18XL1500” sub-woofer.
The new 15XL1400 can reach 1400 W of nominal power, a real subwoofer to use on the same level as the 18XL1500 but in an enclosure of smaller volume, tuned to a slightly higher frequency: it is a very specific sub, performing very well, with same mechanical excursion as the 18”XL, in a slightly smaller form.
This new woofer was introduced to respond to the needs of an ever increasing number of clients that required a special performance “in a small package” 15” sub.
The15XL1400 is very versatile because, with regard to electrical parameters, it proves to be a relatively easy to use FaitalPRO product, not requiring particular attention in the project stage.
The Qt is not very low, around 0,33, allowing the use of the loudspeaker also in front loaded reflex cases.
The new 15XL1400 it is really the smaller “twin” of the 18XL1500, just smaller and with a lighter moving mass. The overall weight is close to that of its older brother, because it has the same magnet assembly, voice coil and spiders, while - obviously – performance changes at slightly higher frequencies.

3FE20 Full Range FE series
The new FaitalPRO 3FE20 is born with the precise intention of outclassing the performance of its peers in the same category.
A Full Range, three inch, 80 mm, loudspeaker with a basket in pressed steel, an outer ring neodymium magnet assembly boasting superior magnetic performance, 91 dB efficiency, a total weight slightly over two hundred grams and optimum features, such as very ample frequency extension and an elevated dynamic behaviour.
A full range under all aspects, with frequency response from 100 Hz to 20 KHz, provided with a very compact magnet assembly and a 19mm voice coil that operates in tight vicinity of the neodymium ring. The result is a natural demodulation of inductance: the reduction of Eddy currents.
The nominal power is 20 W continuous (max. 40W); the rubber surround ensures waterproofing against atmospheric conditions and durability. Its destination covers an expanding sector such as rotable columns, or “slim” applications for small size arrays, or also it is also a solution in the Pro2Car area.
It also permits saving on the number of components, considering that in fact, many installations allow avoiding the use of a tweeter: by itself it extends up to 20.000 Hz.

FaitalPRO HF144 and HF204 new compression drivers

The new HF144 is a compression driver from FaitalPRO: 65mm (2.5”) voice coil, 1.4” mouth, a Ketone Polymer dome diaphragm, 80W nominal power (RMS) and a 160W maximum.
It has an innovative annular phase plug equipped with four slots which improves performance in the high frequencies.
The magnet assembly is based on neodymium slugs, that translate to convenient cost advantages while guaranteeing final performance.
The new HF144 driver demonstrates very high efficiency, with dynamic range of 110 dB (1W/1m) and the frequency response from 0.7÷18 kHz.
The extended response up to 18kHz and the minimum crossover frequency advised, equal to 900Hz, make it universally suited for use in two-way or three-way acoustic systems and enclosures.
The polymer diaphragm is very light, dampened, and works to positively characterize the resonance, making its sound less aggressive.

A second version of this driver exists, called the “HF204”, created with a 2” exit, that allows matching this driver to an appropriate 2” horn.
Also equipped with a Ketone-Polymer diaphragm and an innovative annular phase plug, it withstands 80 W nominal power, efficiency of 109 dB (1W@1m) and frequency range that extends slightly lower, from 500 Hz to18 kHz.

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