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Дата публикации: 25 Май 2010
New 15XL1400 by FaitalPRO FaitalPRO launches the new "15XL1400", 15" loudspeaker woofer, which is immediately noted at first sight for its strong footprint, making its high power and long excursion very evident.

We are looking at a “pure sub” that uses the same magnet assembly and suspensions – in other words, the double spider and cone surround – of the “18XL1500” sub-woofer already in the catalogue.
“This way, with the new 15XL1400, we were able to reach 1400 W of nominal power”, points out Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager, “a real subwoofer to use on the same level as the 18XL1500 but in an enclosure of smaller volume, tuned to a slightly higher frequency: it is a very specific sub, performing very well in its stroke, the mechanical excursion is the same as that of its 18”XL “brother”, from which it derives, however, presented in a slightly smaller form”.
This new woofer was introduced to respond to the needs of an ever increasing number of clients that required a special performance 15”sub.
Thus, the natural evolution of the 15XL1400, because sometimes large woofers like the 18” are not able to return such high and incredible punch performance around 80 -100 Hz, that is instead achieved by a 15”.
This occurs because the 15” uses a lighter moving assembly and it is, hence, in the natural condition of being able to return a better punch impression around those frequencies.
In some configurations it is not unusual to use an 18” woofer, tuned in reflex with a rather low frequency cut, near the Fs 'F’s, pairing it with a second enclosure in which a 15”woofer is mounted to function as a filler for the range section close to 80-100 Hz. In this way, the 15” becomes “a strong support”. Each loudspeaker works in its own box and operates within very tight ranges: the 18XL1500 works from 35 to 80/90 Hz and the new 15XL1400 works from 40/48 up to 110/120 Hz.
Consequently, for a while they overlap and operate in two very close ranges, resulting in excellent punch strength, able to improve any sound with a high intensity level.
Another optimum configuration advised is always in the form of a sub with very high performance, but with higher resonance frequency.
The15XL1400 is, furthermore, a very versatile product because, with regard to electrical parameters, it proves to be a relatively easy to use FaitalPRO product, seeing that it does not require particular attention in the project stage.
The Qt is not very low, around 0,33, allowing the use of the loudspeaker also in front loaded reflex cases.
In fact, the new 15XL1400 it is really the smaller “twin” of the 18XL1500, just smaller and with a lighter moving mass.
The overall weight is close to that of its older brother, because it has the same magnet assembly, voice coil and spider, while - obviously – performance changes at slightly higher frequencies compared to those used in the 18XL1500.

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