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Дата публикации: 11 Февраля 2010
FEW but STRATEGIC new creations by FaitalPRO presented at The NAMM Show 2010 FaitalPRO, the Faital professional brand, worldwide loudspeaker makers for over 50 years, reports a recently very successful Namm 2010, California, trade event.

In general, various organisational aspects were improved, the stand was expanded, a sound room was prepared with the Client – Manufacturer, SpectrAudio, and a few "strategic" product novelties were introduced.

The great success of the award winning 18" super woofer, 18XL 1500 continues: 3000 Watt maximum power, 98dB SPL, an exclusive demodulated neodymium magnet assembly; it is appreciated for power, rapid response and unparalleled linear excursion. Our clients certify its success: "indestructible", the only challenge up to now?… a screwdriver in the cone! – Jokes Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO Overseas Sales Manager.

A new HF compression driver, too, the HF144, with 1,4" mouth, implementing an innovative Ketone-Polymer diaphragm having combined characteristics of rigidity and elasticity, in order to guarantee the reduction of break-up in the high portion of the response curve, typical of metallic diaphragms.

The difficulties in manipulation and production typical of these products were brilliantly overcome by FaitalPRO with results of constant quality at an unparalleled industrial level that are characteristic of the brand.

Right next to it, the new 15" FaitalPRO, 15FX560. A product capable of satisfying even the most refined and demanding cabinet manufacturers. A loudspeaker with very important characteristics that an experienced engineer requiring a technically superior product can really appreciate.

Flavio Naggi states: "The large European manufacturers already appreciated and employed it for its flexibility, others will follow, just as soon as word gets out. For those who welcome it, the new 15FX 560 is electrifying, because it incorporates many aspects that are hard to find all together in just one component: a 15" with very long excursion for a 3" (77 mm) voice coil, very ample frequency extension, extremely linear, with a very low and controlled distortion".

Namm Visitors definitely appreciated its almost full-range frequency extension along with a very long linear excursion, a rarity in the 15", ready for use in a 2-way monitor just as well as in a subwoofer. The advantage for the maker is the great flexibility to be able to use a single loudspeaker for a variety of applications.

Another decidedly successful product, the 3" 3FE20 driver, 80 mm series FE, seems to best represent a new market trend: planned mostly for steerable columns or "slim" applications for minute arrays.

Demonstrates optimum characteristics: a very ample frequency extension, it can be cut, even in a minute sealed box, at around 120-130 Hz and sometimes even at 150 Hz, it is also able to extend up to 20.000 Hz.

Practically, it allows avoiding the use of a tweeter in many applications, with an exponential adaptability for the manufacturer: the same results are achieved, with less components.

"Just for fun", the FaitalPRO engineers present at the booth mounted it in a box created in two minutes with packing cardboard and adhesive tape: anyone passing by stopped, shocked and astonished, to listen!

It is excellent also in the Pro2Car sector, automobile after-market, according to the latest trend that sees the application of professional loudspeakers in "elaborate" acoustic systems in certain cars.

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