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Дата публикации: 03 Октябрь 2022
FaitalPRO goes Fabulous!Jürgen Franzen of FaitalPRO talks to Dennis Boeren and Rico Stip from Fabulous As part of our Europe-wide FaitalPRO sales activities we have successfully established important brand status in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for a number of years. We are now fortunate enough to have found another professionally oriented partner in these regions based in Waalwijk/NL, Fabulous Rental. Jürgen Franzen, our sales representative responsible for this area, had the opportunity of meeting with the heads of the company, Dennis Boeren and Rico Stip during a national sales meeting.

From left to right: Dennis Boeren (Fabulous Rental), Jürgen Franzen (FaitalPRO), Rico Stip (Fabulous Rental).

JF: When was the company Fabulous Rental founded and where are the main activities?
DB: We originated from a merger of Next Dimension light rental and Audio & Co in 2016. This combination immediately came together satisfying the rental market needs with high availability of light and sound equipment.

JF: How has your business developed in recent years?
DB: As a result of the merger, investments were immediately made in new materials. Having a vision of developing new customers and new assignments, we received many requests.
Due to a constant growth in applications the company grew with a larger warehouse, more vehicles, and bigger operations. As well as rental business the sales department kept growing and we became dealers of several major brands in AV.

JF: How many employees are involved in the company and which areas are covered by the colleagues?
DB: The company started with 4 employees (of which 3 owners) and now we are more than 10. These employees range from lighting operators, sound engineers, warehouse manager to sales managers. We also have stage technicians and video interns.

JF: What is the present market situation like for you after it was not possible to hold events for a very long time due to COVID?
RS: We didn't sit still during covid. By rethinking, we have created a lot of work with a mobile video setup and helped other companies with manpower.
As we never stopped our activity, we have a lot of requests in this season and the market is attracting more and more visibility. We are therefore now hiring more new staff.

JF: By taking over the distribution for various ProAudio products, you have supplemented the offer for your customers. Do you intend to expand this area further?
RS: Absolutely, for us it is perfect to be able to sell the brands we use in the rental business. It is nice to be able to deliver directly from stock and help customers. Our location is convenient, and we can develop and increase sales by participating actively in the market.

JF: How did you get to know and grow with FaitalPRO, what experience do you already have with our speakers?
DB: We've been using sound systems from of a famous German manufacturer as a common brand for many years and we've been the importer of those products to the Netherlands for several years. The systems are also equipped with FaitalPRO, and we are very happy with the sound quality. The drivers, in combination with the amplifiers, are a "match made in heaven", and with our own presets the sound quality is excellent! Our own material is an example of use and makes it also easy to sell to our customers.

JF: What measures would you like to take to increase the distribution and awareness of FaitalPRO products in BeNeLux?
RS: As indicated, we want to expand our staff to increase market share by actively tapping into customers. And by making good advertising through our channels we hope to reach more people as future and reliable customers.

JF: Which models from the FaitalPRO range have already been used by you and what are the results?
DB: Our sets are mainly modular, so in terms of subwoofers we use the same cabinets with the 18XL2000 driver in it. We extend this with tops or line array cabinets, depending on the size of the venue. The line array uses 10PR300 and HF146 drivers. We use quite a number of kinds of speakers with different Faital Pro drivers, and we are very happy with the quality of the drivers and the way we can use them. Since this year we have started to use new amplifiers with our own DSP presets based on the drivers inside. So now we improved our sets even more!

JF: Thank you very much Dennis and Rico for your time and statements. I'm looking forward to a fruitful co-operation in your territories.

Grotestraat 69C
NL-5141 JN Waalwijk

Contact Info
Telephone: +31 0416 331413
Web: fabulousrental.nl

Video introduction available HERE
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