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Дата публикации: 26 Февраля 2020
"WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX"Darren Jones of DAJ Audio & FaitalPRO
Based in Romford, Essex, UK, DAJ Audio is managed and owned by Darren Jones, who defines himself as “a professional box designer and builder, and a company who design bespoke audio systems that can deliver everything that is promised”.

After around five years since we last described his activities, he is still walking the same path, being faithful to designing loudspeaker boxes and systems personally tuned for each venue that “make listening to music very easy on the ear”.

Darren proudly says: “All my products and systems are designed in house, we do not sell what I consider to be “standard products” like almost everyone else does out there but focus on original ideas which are not copied from anywhere else.

We also tailor the colour of the cabinets and personalise everything in any shape to match the look of the club, instead of selling usual and mainstream products which are almost the same everywhere.

What we offer is solving problems which could affect the final sound result of a venue. We do this giving a lot of advice and assisting the customer in everything from the original idea to final installation, so, making sure the system delivers the things customers really had in mind.”

In July DAJ Audio launched another very interesting audio entertaining system in Great Dunmow, Essex. It is a multi-way system in which all the components powering the high and mid high frequencies are reproduced entirely by FaitalPRO drivers.

These sections, which are passive and powered by 650W RMS FFA amplifiers, make use of several FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers, 10PR300 and HF108 with LTH102 flares, all enclosed in customized boxes.

The 10PR300 is a 10" Neodymium mid-high driver handling AES Power 300 W, Maximum Power 600 W on - 8 Ohm, employing a 65 mm (2.5 in) Aluminum Voice Coil, with 98 dB Sensitivity (1W/1m), Frequency Range 60÷5000 Hz.
The HF108 is a neodymium ring compression driver capable of handling 60W AES Power Handling and a Maximum Power Handling of 120 W, with a sensitivity (1W/1m) of 109 dB and Frequency Range 1÷20 kHz. It is equipped by a 44mm Aluminum Voice Coil and a Ketone Polymer Diaphragm.

Darren says: “Having a thorough knowledge of the British market and a suitable technical competence I only choose the best international components and further refine the design and finish of my cabinets.
I like the sound of FaitalPRO loudspeakers, their quality and consistency and also the parameters shown are very very tight in comparison to other suppliers.
Other suppliers can sometimes be + or – 3 to 4 dB different from one order to another and a manufacturer like me must be able to rely on more consistent matching products.
Actually, when people hear our systems, they often ask what drivers we are using, since they are very impressed.
Among other main interesting aspects while using FaitalPRO speakers I found sensitivity and SPL levels which are quite high and “anything that you throw at them, they seem to be able to take it”. We noticed some other manufacturers' loudspeakers on paper give back the performance declared but in the real world they seem to struggle with some input signals.
FaitalPRO loudspeakers never seem to struggle, never seems to be lacking, never have troubles to reproduce any signal, and they seem keen to accept more and more power with no struggle, withstanding any fatigue.
In general, you can study the characteristics from the data sheets but once you feed a loudspeaker with real signals you can hear the difference in the sound quality.
Our work starts studying the physical quality of the venue and the audio quality of the space in which our system is to be installed.
One of my customers bought a very large house on private land and specifically prepared a room with an area of around 200 square metres that can potentially host 200/300 people, designed specifically for sound entertainment and to be a first-class DJ disco club venue.
It is completely tailor made to the customer requests and this shows fundamentally what we are about.
While almost all other manufacturers generally try and follow a mainstream trend, I do what I want to do, and I want to be personally impressed by the way my HF, mid-range and bass section sounds. If sound is an illusion, I do not want to create an illusion on sound which is to me an awful experience, I want something different.
I've been to a lot of festivals and nightclubs and everybody is trying to achieve the same sound with line array being a common solution.
I prefer to think out of the box, and fundamentally this is what we do when we build a system, we think outside the box and we sell a system that responds totally to what the customer wants. Designing it from scratch, we know how it looks, sounds and what the client wants it to do. We don't check on any web forum, no internet fuss.
A lot of sound manufacturers work as an army but “they all breathe and think the same”, instead, we want to achieve the best for the client.

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