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Дата публикации: 04 Апрель 2019
NEW FAITALPRO 12XL1200 AND 15XL1200PROLIGHT+SOUND - HALL 8.0, BOOTH # E94 FaitalPRO proudly presents the latest in the XL range, new 12 and 15 inch Woofers, 12XL1200, 15XL1200. These two brand-new models have earned their place in the "Xtra Large" rankings thanks to their outstanding features.

These neodymium high power drivers have been designed with an extremely efficient venting system allowing them to harness great power in a tight space.
This characteristic makes them the ideal solution for high power compact systems.
The neodymium magnet assembly developed by FaitalPRO engineers guarantees high flux concentration, low power compression and excellent heat dissipation.
This results in high levels of force factor and power handling with an optimum power to weight ratio.
As with the current XL range these two new subwoofers are capable of withstanding high power signals up to 1400W AES.
The performance of these new 12" and 15" neodymium subs stands out amongst the other products in the catalog.
Their EBP of around 100 Hz, makes them perfectly suitable for standard reflex enclosures resulting in a very natural acoustic response.
Taking into account the size of these speakers, the low VAS values make them ideal in very compact cabinets with extreme acoustic performance.
Flavio Naggi confirms: "We are now ready to offer two subwoofer drivers that can handle up to 1400W AES power (2800W maximum power) and have a 100 mm Voice coil which improves force transmission and thermal power handling.
They match in full the market demand for top of the range powerful professional loudspeakers.
Thanks to their high impact at low frequencies and an extraordinary punch the listening perception of the bass is "devastating".
Their thrust gives such a powerful and present bass that it is possible to create very high impact systems with a limited number of loudspeakers."

A key factor in designing these products was to match the market need for compact cabinets, both these speakers give surprisingly good results in tight spaces.
In fact, the 12XL1200 can operate perfectly in a volume of only 25/27 liters, while the 15XL1200 can work well in less than 50 liters.
Thanks to the exceptional size-to-power ratio (93-95 dB SPL), a couple of these subwoofers are all you need in a medium sized venue.
The minimum dimensions of the cabinets make them perfect and almost invisible in high-quality permanent installations in any location with extended low-frequency reinforcement. For example: dance clubs, live music venues, indoor sports arenas, theme parks and worship venues.
The aluminum demodulating ring, positioned in the magnet circuit, allows a further flux modulation reduction, keeping overall distortions at a low level when driven hard. The deep profile curvilinear waterproof treated cones, created from a special high strength paper pulp, are designed to achieve the best possible linearity within their frequency range.
The cone surround, made from a linen material is highly resistant to aging and fatigue. Both 12XL1200 and 15XL1200 are highly efficient subwoofers, with long and controlled excursion and a great linearity.

Press Images available here: LINK
Data sheets available here: 15XL1200 - 12XL1200
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