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Дата публикации: 05 Июль 2018
FAITALPRO MEETS HATCHETT FURNITURE & SOUND, IRELANDANDREW RICHARDSON INTERVIEWS TOBY HATCHETT FROM HATCHETT FURNITURE & SOUND Andrew Richardson, Area/Oem Sales FaitalPRO Pro-Audio Division talks to Toby Hatchett of Hatchett Furniture & Sound, Killavarrig, Timoleague, Cork, Ireland

Andrew Richardson, FaitalPRO: "Mr. Hatchett, can you please give us some details of your Company?"
Toby Hatchett, Hatchett Furniture & Sound: "We are a small family run joinery business, specialising in handmade kitchens, furniture and bespoke joinery for many different applications.
We are offering what we believe are unique and inventive design solutions for the home or work place."

A.R.: "After such an extensive experience in joinery, what attracted you most to the audio industry?"
T.H.: "I guess the main reason is that we take pride and invest a lot of time in a personalised and attentive design service in general. Combined with our meticulous attention to detail this insures that customers needs are recognised and our own style and ideas are not compromised. I've been trading for 20years plus but only making sound systems commercially for the last 3yrs."

A.R.:"How are the business conditions for you in Ireland at this time?"
T.H.: "We have over 20 years experience working in boatbuilding, furniture manufacture and interior design and this has given us a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of materials and manufacturing techniques.
We use all this experience within the Sound industry producing systems which look totally unique. To be honest, though, our experience in this field is limited, due to being fairly new to it all, plus my products and services are fairly niche."

A.R.: "What FaitalPRO loudspeakers are you employing in your sound systems most?"
T.H.: "Due to our recent arrival in this area we are still employing a small plethora of different manufacturers components, but our intention is to adopt as many FaitalPRO professional loudspeakers as possible. At the moment our best sellers are the sub cabinets loaded with 18" FaitalPRO drivers, 18HP1060, a super woofer.
I am also considering changing the 15" mid section to some FaitalPRO drivers to give more of a "hifi sound".
We also use the mid-bass 12HP1020, 8HX200 and the high frequencies compression drivers HF10AK.

A.R.: "Are there any standard products that you have within your range or are all bespoke?"
T.H.: "Nothing standard as yet but I wouldn't rule it out in the future. I now intend to use all Faital where possible on my future projects."

A.R.: "Are you noticing any change in customers' requirements over the past few years?"
T.H.: "I think there is a shift now towards maximum sound quality and the selling point of a great 'listening experience', more than ever."

A.R.: "How has your use of FaitalPRO products been greeted by your customer base and has it attracted new customers?"
T.H.: "A little too early to tell, since we are quite new in the tailored sound experience, but certainly the feedback has so far been good on what I have used, plus there does seem to be some brand awareness."

A.R.: "Is there anything you would like to see in future years from FaitalPRO?"
T.H.: "A nice Coaxial compression driver which I can use for some future prototypes."

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